Hoax wheels turn slowly

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So much for a holding up a key tenet of our criminal system. Out with a jury of your peers, in with a judge who has to speak to no one. Also, no trial in a reasonable time.

Another lame, silly, pathetic Canadian psyop.

The trial of the man accused of killing 10 people and injuring 16 others as he drove a van onto a Toronto sidewalk more than a year ago will be heard by a judge alone.


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4 thoughts on “Hoax wheels turn slowly

  1. ricky

    Interesting perspective, I’m going to attend a local court session, (small community,) and watch the proceedings with that context in mind. Thanks

  2. ricky

    This story along with the two above it, (staging a crash for vision 2.0) and (bring on the phony heroes,) have elements in common. The unbelievability of the stories and the lack of normal protocol in the legal system. Curious about your’ thoughts xileffilex, the dumbing down of society is obvious to me but the proliferation of stories that strain credulity and disregard normal so-called legal protocol seems like a deliberate move to reshape cultural norms. I know the bullshit wears me out, but to people that think it’s real, it must be demoralizing to the point of submission.

    1. xileffilex

      I see it as quick-bite entertainment – much better than having the masses read a whole novel or sitting through 120 minutes of a movie. If there were no news, what would be the result in the ‘hive’?
      I only recently woke up to the certainty that the whole legal system feeds off these minor ridiculous psy-ops, keeping the whole profession in business and well fed. This PoM thread is quite interesting but in the end, it’s all speculation, there’s no resolution.

      I think it’s essential to read/watch/listen to the news as “fakeologists”. I’m suspicious of people here who say they never watch TV. [or read free newspapers, or listen to radio news] I think they’re missing a lot.


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