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Staging a crash for vision 2.0

like this

A broken fire hydrant with no water. A dead woman with no blood. A car with damage unrelated to the crash, and no skid marks. No names of victims or perps, just a story.

If you were just skeptical, and not a fakeologist, you might even wonder about the paucity of information and how things don’t add up.

A woman is dead and a man is in custody following an accident in Regent Park. Emergency crews were called to the area of Dundas Street and Regent Park Boulevard just before 1:30 p.m. Thursday. Police say a woman was attempting to cross Regent Park Boulevard at Dundas when she was struck by a car travelling eastbound. The vehicle mounted the curb and struck a fire hydrant before coming to a stop. The woman was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver been arrested for suspected impaired driving.

Source: Woman dead after hit by vehicle in Regent Park

On the very same day, we have a major announcement that speeds across the city will be reduced to help prevent crashes just like this one.

A staff report that will be considered by the city’s infrastructure and environment committee next week recommends that the speed limit be lowered from 60 km/h to 50 km/h on 41 stretches of road as part of Vision Zero 2.0.

The staff report also recommends that the speed limit be reduced from 50 km/h to 40 km/h on five other arterial roads that have been designated as pedestrian safety corridors.

The arterial roads that would be in line to have their speed limits lowered are largely clustered in the city’s east end and include portions of Finch Avenue, Eglinton Avenue, St. Clair Avenue, Victoria Park Avenue and Warden Avenue, among others.


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Bring on the phony heroes

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Toronto’s Raptor’s parade shooting non-event killed no one but “injured” some unnamed vicsims. Will their characters be developed?

Every story needs a hero, so here’s your false witness – fresh off the plane from a D-Day visit (which itself is another controversial event).

This story is too ridiculous for words.

Vancouver man Steve Kern was caught up in the celebration of the NBA win as he revelled with the millions of Toronto Raptors fans around Nathan Phillips Square on Monday.

Source: Vancouver man runs toward gunfire to help victims during Raptors parade shooting | CBC News