Bring on the phony heroes

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Toronto’s Raptor’s parade shooting non-event killed no one but 0;injured” some unnamed vicsims. Will their characters be developed?

Every story needs a hero, so here’s your false witness – fresh off the plane from a D-Day visit (which itself is another controversial event).

This story is too ridiculous for words.

Vancouver man Steve Kern was caught up in the celebration of the NBA win as he revelled with the millions of Toronto Raptors fans around Nathan Phillips Square on Monday.

Source: Vancouver man runs toward gunfire to help victims during Raptors parade shooting | CBC News

6 thoughts on “Bring on the phony heroes

  1. davieb

    the one thing you can’t say about these psyop writers is that they don’t have a sense of humour amongst themselves.

    the hero at the raptors parade is named Steve Kern.
    the coach of the golden state warriors (the team the raptors beat to win the championship)
    is named Steve Kerr

    this is actually funny

    1. smj

      Steve has a hell of background….

      Kerr was born in Beirut, Lebanon to Malcolm H. Kerr, an American academic who specialized in the Middle East, and his wife, Ann (Zwicker).[2] He has three siblings.[3] His grandfather, Stanley Kerr, volunteered with the Near East Relief after the Armenian Genocide and rescued women and orphans in Aleppo and Marash before eventually settling in Beirut.[4] Kerr spent much of his childhood in Lebanon and other Middle Eastern countries. He attended Cairo American College in Egypt, the American Community School in Beirut, Lebanon, and Palisades High School (now Palisades Charter High School) in Los Angeles.
      Malcolm Kerr was killed by members of the Shia Lebanese militia called Islamic Jihad on the morning of January 18, 1984 at the age of 52 while he was serving as president of the American University of Beirut.[5][6][7][8] He was shot twice in the back of his head, by gunmen using suppressed handguns, in the hallway outside his office.[3][6][7][8] Kerr was 18 years old at the time, and a college freshman;[5] regarding his father’s death, he has said: “Before my father was killed, my life was impenetrable. Bad things happened to other people.”[2] The Kerr family sued the Iranian government under the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996.[9] While warming up with the Arizona Wildcats for a game at arch-rival Arizona State in 1988, Kerr had to deal with many ASU Sun Devil fans in the crowd chanting “PLO” and “your father’s history.”[10][11] Though tearful, Kerr led the Wildcats to victory, scoring 20 points in the first half, making all six of his three-point attempts.[11] The athletic director of Arizona State, Charles Harris, sent a letter of apology to Kerr a few days later…

      …don’t get me wrong though, he was good enough to hang in the same backcourt as Kenny lofton at Arizona and mark price in Cleveland if my memory still works. Mark price is my favorite cav ever. I’m from akron bytheway so take that for what it’s worth. And he hung around with mike of course. His presence meant mike had to switch a lot. But Kerr was lights out of course from deep.

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