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Hosts: Rollo, Velocet. Panel: exoteric64, noiz_level. Guests: Lauramars, Fakeologist, Gaia.

Source: #033 22nd Jun 2019 – Firty Fird

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  1. xileffilex

    @1.08.35 “The only genuine guy in the whole story is Wolfgang Halbig..”
    Halbig is a co-defendent along with Alex Jones.

    Alex Jones relied on conspiracy theorist for Sandy Hook hoax
    April 4 2019

    Interview between Lift the Veil and Halbig April 11 2019

    Is Halbig just another layer of deception?

    Lenny Pozner @lenpoz
    Jun 22
    I want to thank my legal team who have handled this sensitive situation *** with respect. They continue to be champions of my rights and ultimately the rights of all victims of online defamation.

    CREEPY UNCLE JOE BIDEN @goddamnfreemas1
    Replying to @lenpoz
    What happened with Wolfgang Halbig?
    7:36 pm – 25 Jun 2019

    no answer.

    *** the Fetzer defamation case

  2. xileffilex

    around 1 hr 00 SH talk.

    Is Halbig also part of the sham along with Jones?
    If, so, then is Kelley Watt too?
    This phone in , 2015, from Kelley is a hoot. Is it staged?

    Elsewhere, we read in a recent article about the Jones connection –

    …Pozner at first tried to engage Mr. Halbig, asking to speak with him in a 2014 email. He received a response, viewed by The Times, from Kelley Watt, one of Mr. Halbig’s fellow hoaxers. “Wolfgang does not wish to speak with you unless you exhume Noah’s body and prove to the world you lost your son.”

    source – NYT March 29 2019
    although reported earlier in 2015 at The Trace

    So is the exhumation quote just another part of the psy-op?
    cue indignation
    Oh Really? @Ohreall44909339
    Mar 30
    Replying to @juliaioffe
    My God. I read that and thought, no, that wouldn’t be enough for them, they’d need a DNA test, which they would then assert was faked, and on and on…no evidence would stop them from their conspiracy theories.
    It’s too bad public stoning is no longer permitted.

    That pre-supposes there is an independently verifiable exhumation lol!
    So, what’s underground here then?

    It’s a deeply guarded psy-op


    1. xileffilex

      At 1h 30 in LtV’s bitchute video, Halbig denies the exhumation quote attributed to him by Kelley Watt…

      1.32 onwards ….strange stuff. Halbig thinks he’s had emails from Kelley, whom Halbig also asserts has had many contacts with Pozner, some kind of intermediary between the other two…. hmmm
      Is this one big limited hangout?

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