7/7 anniversary

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It was the UK’s event.

7/7 Ripple Effect1; is a brilliant tour de force that takes the London subway bombing attacks apart, piece by piece, and demonstrates that it was a planned event. It was produced by John Hill (aka Muad’Dib), who has a web site at jforjustice.co.uk/77. He sent a copy of his video the the judge and the prosecutor in a trial of innocent patsies, which led to his incarceration and trial for interfering with the judicial process. During his trial, however, the video was played and the jury, no doubt duly i

Source: The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer podcast: The 7/7 London Subway Bombings Exposed

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  1. Unreal

    Regarding fake deaths i’m not opposed to any particular method as this would depend on the model chosen for any specific scenario to be most efficient.

    As hoaxes are produced in a quite methodical, premeditated manner, production cost and ease of implementation would be important parameters. In a scenario where a dead character needs heavy and long foreshadowing or presence, surely the role would require real life acting. In such “heavy duty” implemntation scenarios* (DCP), the cost and effort would therefore be quite important.

    The most common fake death scenario is however the ones where the public discover a person posthumously which logically does not require live-acting, but moreso targeted staging. By some simple manipulations like school attendance, family photos and friendship testimonies a fictional character can be created and maintained in a much simpler and cost-effective fashion (the Genie scenario) than in a “heavyduty” live acting scenario.

    It is the more cost-effective “Genie” scenario that comes to mind with Jenny as i see low resolution photos in lacklustre quantities – but i might be wrong, and that this actually is a high cost hoax despite low cost appearences.

    *in a Dead Celebrity Program scenario, the protagonist would be relocated and/or retired when their role is ended. In a Genie type scenario, a character would be mostly post-produced. Both scenarios would require establishing multiple sets of identities.

    [ hereunder Jenny and Liz – one would expect to see reaction of apparent close contact in the form of a hand on the shoulder or a squinting eye from hair in the face – yet both characters that seem so close remain separate in the pictured interaction ]

      1. Unreal

        No doubt those birth papers are in order, just as Jennifer Nicholson’s death certificate surely will be legitimate too.

        It stands to reason that any type of official documents may be forged in relation to a hoax, and therefore the controversy on such papers could well be contrived by the mere fact such records are evidently altered regularly in numerous shootings and terror hoaxes identified in alternative research.

        Tension and controversy are pre-requisites for creating compelling press-coverage, and we see all the more MSM turn towards sensationalist alternative Truther claims to spur interest, just as the alternative media uses the very same tactics to spike curiosity and debate inside alternative Truth culture (i.e. the missing 911 death certificates that may well be a pre-planned controversy spun for alternative truth traction mainly).

        If we consider the DCP option for Jenny Nicholson, then her homonymous birth-papers would be real, her death certificate false and her new identity’s birth certificate false. In my view all papers would be legitimate per say, while emphasizing how no legal document constitute a barrier for perpetrators of hoaxes – rather another tool for deception.

        Law – Wall (phonetic anagram & semordnilap)

        1. xileffilex

          If we consider the DCP option for Jenny Nicholson, then her homonymous birth-papers would be real, her death certificate false and her new identity’s birth certificate false. In my view all papers would be legitimate per say, while emphasizing how no legal document constitute a barrier for perpetrators of hoaxes – rather another tool for deception.

          Excellent summary. This is the heart of all the deceptions. An element, perhaps any easily bribed or coerced element, of the professional population earns its keep from signing off and “setting in stone” these fake deaths. as well as managing the transitions of these new lifers and their relationships, new and old

  2. xileffilex

    Not a significant anniversary, the 14th, but “A Song for Jenny”[2015] was wheeled out by one broadcaster, London Live, in which the script relates the DNA identification [hoax code] of victim, vicar’s daughter Jenny Nicholson.
    10 min clip here –

    A earlier report ++ says that her mother Rev [at the time] Julie Nicholson did the “formal identification]

    source Telegraph August 18 2005M

    Her mother, the Rev Julie Nicholson, priest at St Aidan Church in St George, Bristol, was supported by her husband, Greg, and her daughter’s boyfriend, James White with whom she lived in Reading. Miss Nicholson’s younger sister Lizzie, 22, and brother, Tom, 16, accompanied them.

    We as a family, including Jenny’s partner, are setting up a trust in her memory. Jenny so loved the creative arts, particularly music and literature. The trust will assist students in their musical and educational endeavours. Nothing can restore Jenny to us, but we hope this trust will continue to give life to others in her name.

    ahhhh, the “Trust”. source Church Times, November 2 2006

    Trustee Other trusteeships Charity status
    Dr James Philip White ***
    Rev Julie Karina Nicholson

    *** aaaaahhh the boyfriend….

    Spending about £1000 p.a. – with a blip of £7000 in anniversary year 2015…

    Mum Julie gave an interview in 2017 to Canadian broadcaster CBC straight after the fake London Bridge attack which allegedly killed Canadian citizen Christine Armitage

    Carol Off: You decided, though, that you couldn’t continue in that job as a vicar. Why not?

    JN: I had two other children **** … and I felt that it was just too much to try and be a priest and a vicar when what I really needed to do was be a mother and look after my family first and foremost. ****

    **** who were 17 and 22 at the time…
    ++ fakeologist.com/blog/2014/07/0…

    1. Unreal

      Hoaxed events require fiction to appear as real, and often the most emotional ingredient will be a character’s death – here Jenny Nicholson.

      From the get-go, it strikes as ironic for a “holy man” to be named Nicholson (old Nick, Santa, Satan) and “A Song for Jenny” comes very close to George RR Martin’s fictional “Jenny’s Song” from popular book series A Song of Ice and Fire (aka Game of Thrones on TV).

      Most notable amidst the surface-level narrative cues is nevertheless the choice of the name “Jenny” as it is phonetically so close to the “Genie” or Jinni in Arabian culture that is merely a fictional creature, appearing out of thin air.

      One of the most effective ways to stage murder is clearly to kill off an artificial entity conjured up for the occasion, and a Genie well illustrate how this can be done – which begs the question if Jenny Nicholson is merely fiction ?

      1. xileffilex

        We mustn’t fall into the Cluesforum trap – the lives of the Nicholsons are well documented from archived birth records.
        Jennifer Vanda Ann Nicholson b 1980
        Thomas Alfred C Nicholson b 1987
        Elizabeth Helen Ruth Nicholson b 1983

        One gets the feeling that the parents are separated.
        Here’s dad who’s friends with daughter and sister of Jenny, Liz

        There is absolutely no reason to believe all families are happy, or indeed all children love their parents and want to stay in touch with them. Some can quite easily leave them all behind for good. Or families can keep big secrets within them.

        Two sisters posted for the 12th anniversary by Liz

        and this one in 2015
        Elizabeth Helen Ruth My beautiful sister!

        And with mum, ex-Reverend Julie in 2012, who at the time was apparently “really good”, and liked by Jenny “7/7” Ford….

        check the 7/7 logo on this friend of Lizzie called Jenny Ford who says nothing else about the event, indeed has little provenance.

        Mystery brother Tom apparently married recently on 4/19/2019

        Jenny’s ex-boyfriend hasn’t said anything, preferring to concentrate on village cricket

        Finally, what a wonderful photo of Jenny accompanied the BBC obituary following the inquest in 2010… must have been the best in the family photo album. Very dignified.

        “Within weeks of her birth, Jennifer had a big smile, laughing eyes and a loud chuckle, features which soon became a mark of her personality and sunny, sociable nature,” her mother said.
        Full officially constructed narrative at the Daily Mail in 2010, extracted from A Song For Jenny: A Mother’s Story Of Love And Loss by Julie Nicholson, to be published by HarperCollins on June 24 at £14.99.


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