2 thoughts on “FAC586-JLB in Saigon

  1. napoleon wilson

    Just listened also hats off
    yes to review fakeologist website is a staple all should try , the first 9 or 11 times i reviewed fakeologist.com there was a lot of different topics to shed light on or ones opinions on , now obvoiusly as jlb has said hes not commenting on his members comments ( not through fear of reprisals) loss of the monthly cheddar lol , no not at all , just being polite by keeping your dialogue with your members private for paying members to johnlebon.com .

    but im sure if there was anything really interesting we,d bee first to hear.

    i did find myself asking what was missing in the latest jlb audio ?took me a while then it hit me !!
    no bill paxton soundbytes or monolith talk , so guess what i did

    i googled bill paxton monolith, lo and bee hold this appeared

    i never googled simpsons alcoholic though x
    anyway this wacky website is pushing magic based on the monolith ,
    now i know you and phil and russ and barely human11, finis temporis etc etc., are interested in the house clowns( masons) trick that was 911 .

    beware though this website is obviously trying to attach meaning to the ceremony of 911 and not pointing out that the event was just a trick like i have and other fakeologists have in the past , christ smj would spin on his bar stool if he thought i believed in magic .
    subliminalsynchrosphere.blogsp… so i spent a min or so looking at this blog not sure whats being pointed out but now i find that you have a www.johnlebon.com/key-topics/9… and have started a video series called transcending 911 thought you might like to see if this gent wants to become a member or whatever

    my opinion on 911

    as i say not sure if you are familiar with this guys website but as in a few of your past audios you have had Billl Paxton saying game over man, mentioning the monolith also , and you have been doing the 911 groundwork Article #42 – Transcending 9/11 [Three-part series] (10-May-2018)

    look forward to your findings ………subliminalsynchrosphere.blogsp…

  2. ab Post author

    Thanks JLB for reviewing the site. You’ve always been a good supporter of my work here and I appreciate it – even though you’ve been given much grief by those that pass by here. Good on ya for ignoring and pressing on and doing what you do. Thanks and continued safe travels.

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