Did they stage a crash at rush hour?

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The road closed literally as I approached the intersection.

There are many anomalies that make this suspicious, including the 88 code.

I can verify there were tire tracks, as I passed by the next day again.

The dashcam comes from a heavy tow operator (who may be on a tv show with the head OPP media twitter officer.) How convenient he was right there!


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2 thoughts on “Did they stage a crash at rush hour?

  1. psyopticon

    Looks CGI’ed. Note the video anomalies around the shunting truck, but not around other moving vehicles. Possibly superimposed from another video source? Somehow messing with the MPEG?

  2. xileffilex

    I’ve seen this lark carried out in the UK with a motorcycle being driven around under the front of a car. Just as phoney. But it did result in a good police drill. Got to keep the numbers up….

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