Friday Apollo FRAC special

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Set your clocks for 1617h July 19, 2019 for a spectacular special hosted by Gaia and Geris.

They are looking for guests who have any gems resulting to this topic.

It will livestream at fakeologist/s/radio3.

You can join the discord at to participate.

Gaia tells me he has done much research on this topic and will reveal many hidden gems.

Mark your calendars!

Fakeopedia Apollo page

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  1. antipodean

    Seeing as the audio chat could lead into the FART, I think it’s important to look at the significance Australia played in the fake moon landing.

    In western Australia during the live broadcast of the Apollo 11 moon landing, several people saw a very unusual occurrence. One viewer, Una Ronald watched the telecast and was astonished with what she saw.
    The residents of Honeysuckle Creek, Australia, actually saw a different broadcast to the rest of the World. Just shortly before Armstrong stepped onto the Moons surface, a change could be seen where the picture goes from a stark black to a brighter picture. Honeysuckle Creek stayed with the picture and although the voice transmissions were broadcast from Goldstone, the actual film footage was broadcast from Australia. As Una watched Armstrong walking on the surface of the Moon she spotted a Coke bottle that was kicked in the right hand side of the picture. This was in the early hours of the morning and she phoned her friends to see if they had seen the same thing, unfortunately they had missed it but were going to watch the rebroadcast the next day. Needless to say, the footage had been edited and the offending Coke bottle had been cut out of the film. But several other viewers had seen the bottle and many articles appeared in The West Australian newspaper

    Some viewers claim they had seen the Coke bottle, and several articles about this appeared in the newspaper West Australian. Western Australia received their coverage in a different way than the rest of the World, and this was the only area where there was not a delay in the so-called live transmission

    Una Ronald is interviewed below. She comes across as eccentric, with an English accent, and she just doesn’t look like she’s living in Perth (at the time of the interview) maybe she’s returned to England.
    Also she refers to having been up all night to watch the moon landing. It’s about 3.00am UTC time Armstrong walks on the moon, so about 10.00am in Perth.
    It’s possible she may have been up all night to watch the event unfold.…

    The below video an analysis of the coke bottle.……

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