Frida Sophia hoax

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Fascinating story surrounding a missing sim in a collapsed school.

This all started with a Mexican national annual earthquake drill, September 19!, 2017.

Coincidentally they had an earthquake later that day – during the drill (typical hoax setup.)…

Earthquakes may be real, but could our controllers cause or at least simulate a quake?

Could they detonate massive TnT bombs (nukes are fake) at nearby military areas, and simultaneously control collapse edifices they want demolished?

They then could create a story around vicsims to completely control the earthquake narrative, distracting from my above hypothesis that military testing could be a big part in the event.

Here’s the story.

Drill day story.

Anyone know why the Mexican Navy would control this operation (on land!)?

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4 thoughts on “Frida Sophia hoax

  1. gaia

    I am not a military expert and less on Mexican military, but doesn’t “Intelligence” come from the US Navy in the USA? So that could be the case in Mexico too?

    In the end, the airforce comes from the navy too, including many of the terms (“cockpit”, “pilot”, “wheel”, “starboard”, “port side”, etc.).…

    The Flying Dutchman, once a legend, now reality

    which became “Fiction becomes Fact” in English……

    Latin American countries are way more militarized than what Canadians or Europeans are used to.

    They must have military drones in D.F. too; the city is more than twice as big (in population) and way more outspread than Bogotá.

    (pictures don’t show? Do I really need to upload them manually?)

  2. gaia


    On the story link I get:

    “You’ve reached your free monthly limit

    4 weeks for only .99 cents”

    Rrright, me, as a frequent LA Times customer, reaching my monthly limit…

    An earthquake is not the cause, but the end result of the build-up of regional tectonic forces. A TNT bomb would be a source, which an earthquake is not. That would be registered differently at seismograms and thus could be spotted.

    I have been to Mexico City many times, but never had the pleasure of experiencing an earthquake there.

    Of course earthquakes can be caused, Ab, you drive an earthquake producing machine?!

    When you drive by you cause an “earthquake” of around 2.5.

    (which makes the statement by Inspector Stobbs (what’s in the name?) that “the plane at Lockerbie caused an earthquake, it even registered 1.6 [!!] at the Richter scale” the funniest; that is less than the dumptrucks on that scale model they used at Lockerbie. More about that here.)

    They claim in the TAL interview it was a 7.1, which is way too strong to be caused by human activity.

    “Earthquake” (sismo in Spanish) can mean anything, from a tremor (“temblor” in Spanish) to terremoto (“strong earthquake”).

    Earthquakes of like 4 or low 5 (“stronger tremors”) could be caused by fracking, which essentially is putting explosives in the ground and detonating them to create fractures increasing the permeability of rocks (not restricted to shales).

    The thing is that the radial energy is much less of those induced “quakes” so they won’t register as widely as a real earthquake.

    I was on Discord typing when the 8.0 Peru earthquake happened and I shook for 5 fecking minutes, 1200 km away from the epicenter).

    The “coincidence” of a 7.1 earthquake on drill day (I didn’t know that had that nationwide in Mexico, they have drills here, but not on a specific day) is fishy, for sure.

    But the logistics of producing a 7.1 earthquake that is registered in a wide area I don’t see existing; the whole concept of the Reptilians is that they are way less powerful than they claim, not more (see the Nuke Hoax).

    If there is any clue or evidence M7 earthquakes (100 times stronger than M5) can be caused by humans, I am all ears.

    The Fake News Story:

    Fake Frida of course refers to Frida Kahlo, probably the most famous Mexican female. Who as this Frida was used to create an enormous symbol.

    I know no Mexican female called Frida, and I’ve met about 100-150… A case of TRIOMF; trolling, Easter Egg laying, however you want to call it.

    Funny fake news story, gracias.

    1. dante


      on most sites with paywalls – especially mainstream news portals where the same information is published elsewhere, either verbatim or closely paraphrased (usually from the same source)….

      simply copy and paste the headline into google and find the same article on search results.

      **with conventional ad dollars evaporating, how is LA Times to pay their staff? the servers… the light bill, without income from a subscription / sponsorship of some form?

      according to you, should they continue adhering to the old (dead) revenue model because there’s no clear ‘newer’ alternative? : P

    2. Tom Dalpra

      The only person I ever heard suggest a ‘scale model’ being used at Lockerbie was arch bullshit artist Psyopticon. There may have been one used, but I’ve yet to see any evidence to convince me.

      What evidence can you show me of the ‘scale model’ at Lockerbie, Gaia? If it’s at your link, excuse me, I didn’t see it.

      I’m a little wary, due to experience, of taking the claim as read. It’s, of course, a classic tactic of disinformation to attach a strawman argument to a theory.
      For example, September Clues claiming ‘ all the footage was fake’ on 9/11 or Psyopticon suggesting the stadium was evacuated and the footage was fake at Hillsborough!

      When Psyopticon made that ‘scale model’ suggestion re. Lockerbie, it certainly struck me as a potential case of another strawman being attached to some interesting research.

      As I said at the time, one thing we can agree on is that when viewed from a great height, things on the ground do indeed look like toys. This doesn’t, though, mean they are actually toys!

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