How we know we didn’t go to the moon

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Apart from the massive anomalies (waving flag, multiple sources of light, no blast crater and the like), it was technically impossible at the time (because we did not have the propulsion power, the computer ability or the communications capability); and even if we had, we could not have navigated the Van Allen Radiation Belt and most, if not all, of the components of the space craft would have melted in the Thermosphere. The people have been played. 50 years of an elaborate fraud is enough.…

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  1. xileffilex

    A revealing story in the London Evening Standard, July 19 2019…

    50 years ago, they were sooooo suuuuuure that the moon landing would [had!!!] been successful that six weeks before the “moon landing” the Evening Standard [prop Lord Beaverbrook] under newish editor Joscelyn “piranha teeth” Stevens, decided to produce a commemorative edition

    ….it’s doubtful that a bet of such magnitude will ever be made again. At least, not before we go back to the moon.


    Helpfully, the newspaper could produce a reconstruction of the moon landing, which went on sale at 07.00 hrs London time

    “In the utmost secrecy, colour pictures of the blast-off were received from Nasa, and a facsimile of Armstrong on the moon was produced for the front page,” recalled Dennis Griffiths, the Standard’s production director at the time.

    The papers were printed on the Sunday morning., ready to hit the streets early the next morning after the “successful” landing.

    James Burke, one of the BBC presenters **, later called it the “greatest media event of all time”….“There were so many ways [the astronauts] could have been killed.”

    ** science presenter and main reporter for the Apollo “missions”…

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