8 thoughts on “FAC589-FRAC Moon Hoax Special

  1. John le Bon

    Haven’t listened yet. Can you tell me, do you guys discuss the ‘outer space’ Hoax?

    Because the ‘moon landings’ are impossible if ‘outer space’ is a Hoax, which it is.

    ‘Outer space’ is a Hoax, nobody died nobody got hurt, period. That’s a fact.

    So every minute spent talking about the ‘technical details’ of the ‘moon landings’ is a minute wasted, if it is premised on the notion that ‘outer space’ exists in the first place.

    There is no ‘correct way’ to televise or publicise the ‘moon landings’ because they are physically impossible a priori.

    If this is five hours of sitting around talking about the ‘moon landings’ with no mention of the fact that ‘outer space’ is a HOAX then I for one will be disappointed.

    But perhaps I am jumping the gun. Tell me that you mention the ‘outer space’ Hoax and I will be delighted to listen.

    It is time for the ACT realm to grow up, and for that to happen, we’ll need less discussion of the Baby and Toddler Hoaxes (e.g. moon landings) and more discussion of the Hoaxes that matter, such as the ‘outer space’ Hoax.

    Because ‘outer space’ is a Hoax, nobody died, nobody got hurt, period. That’s a fact.

    And anybody who tells you otherwise is in fact a liar (or a person who parrots lies).

    1. smj

      My little buddy has to believe in outer space cause that’s where the flying space rocks live.

      1. John le Bon

        There is no debate here. ‘Outer Space’ is a HOAX, period.

        Anybody who tells you otherwise is in fact a liar (or somebody who parrots lies).

        When did Gaia convert you to the School of Realology?

        Put your fakeologist glasses back on and see the deception for yourself.

        Flying space rocks are not real and they never were real and they never will be real.

        End of story.

        Flying space rocks are fake and this is fake ologist dot com


        1. antipodean

          Where did I say that Outer Space is not a hoax.
          Yours isn’t the only side or version of the argument people want to read about or listen too.

          1. gaia

            How can you call a place we cannot go to “a hoax”?

            Is the Earth’s core “a hoax”?

            Just like space, it is an area that exists, but we cannot go there, so only model (interpret, extrapolate and infer) that area. Nobody knows what it is for sure.

            If they stage a “Journey to the Center of Earth” psyop in 2069 (there are more sci-fiction works to be turned into “””reality”””), I hope the people then will challenge that story using the same boomerang effect; the effect that underlies the more than 50 new causes why people didn’t (and cannot) go to the Moon.

            Have you listened to (parts of) the audiochat?

            1. smj

              Good stuff little buddy. So you presume that we are standing on a space rock that has a presumptive core to prove the presumption that there are space rocks flying about eternally in your presumptive outer space? You certainly are entertaining.

  2. gaia

    The points and photos we covered and mentioned in the first 3 “chapters”:

    1 – Into the Unknown

    2 – Don’t Mention the ****

    3 – Jump Suit Superstar

    during the 6 hour chat are listed at Fakeopedia:

    Paper Rockets Podcast Points

    Listen to and possibly join the F.A.R.T. of Saturday July 27 for the last 2 “chapters”, with loads of more clues you have not seen, heard or considered before, including evidence on WHEN they faked it:

    4 – True Explorers

    5 – Mountain of Evidence


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