2 thoughts on “FAC590-JLB Space is fiction

  1. antipodean

    Yes Feinberg definately took it upon himself to milk the fund for everything he could get.
    Probably working on a commission only basis.
    Unfortunately the link to the below post is dead, but I captured this quote from it and posted it on Let’s Roll.

    Among those who have not yet applied is Jacqui Eaton, whose 37-year-old husband,
    Robert, worked for eSpeed. She is waiting to see what Feinberg decides about the
    earners at the top of his charts.
    ”We’re made to feel bad for wanting everything that was
    promised by Congress,” says Eaton, who explains that her husband misread his
    company insurance policy and left her only $100,000. ”When we were paying 50
    percent of our money to the government in taxes, did anyone have a problem with

  2. smj

    Ken feinberg, the master of disasters and/or the pay czar, was given 7 billion to compensate the hustle with we’re told…


    …the master of disasters was also the chairman of the board of the kennedy library. Joe sr started rko. Floyd odlum ended up with the controlling interest of rko when he was building the titan balloon rockets of course. Please google monster konstatine tsiolkovsky boys and girls…


    They don’t hide shit. Nobody would believe in flying space rocks if it wasn’t fer inertia and inertia literally means an ignorant/inactive force. Space is even psillier than dinosaurs, little buddy.

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