Shameless anti-“denier” hit piece

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It’s amusing listening to msm podcasts try and dismiss and attack anyone who challenges , climate change, or the even .

I listen to these to know the enemy. I call this clever propaganda.

Sometimes when we believe something, no amount of data can change our minds. This week, we look at how we rely on the people we trust to shape what we believe, and why emotions can be more powerful than facts. This episode features new reporting and favorite conversations with neuroscientist Tali Sharot and philosopher of science Cailin O’Connor.

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2 thoughts on “Shameless anti-“denier” hit piece

  1. ricky

    You’re a better man than me Ab, I can’t listen to things like this anymore, just a source of aggravation because I know all the “normies” in my life will eat it up, as ammunition against my arguments of course. How can you go against these “well educated, highly credentialed experts?” Some of the biggest morons I’ve known also spent the most time receiving “higher education.” A misnomer if there ever was one.

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