Never question a tragedy

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Miles says it’s the ultimate protection of a hoax.

To start with, tragedies act as the greatest confirmation of projects, since they are unanswerable. They defy analysis and questioning, since (almost) no one wants to question a tragedy. It can so easily be dismissed as heartless that no one wants to go there.

He goes on to discuss the Space Shuttle Hoax. Did Simon really break the vicsim Asstruenots story or was his a republish?

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4 thoughts on “Never question a tragedy

  1. barbm124

    there was this “tragedy” recently in Frankfurt, where I’m working:…
    A man from Eritrea with the name Habte (not Hebdo) supposedly pushed a mother and her child under an incoming train. The man was known to the police, doctors diagnosed paranoia in the past, neigbhours were suspicious, politicians demand actions, etc. The entire terror bullshit bingo except it’s a refugee instead of a terrorist now. The story is totally absurd from the beginning (mother preferred to save her instead of her child? WTF?) and is being extended every day. Of course people believe it because you don’t invent such a tragedy, right? I went there later on after work. This happened around 10AM, I was there around 5PM. The track was still closed. Everything was cleaned up already. There still were seven TV-teams at the track waiting for what? New development? In the night, they nicely decorated the place with flowers and candles. The same script everywhere? It’s annoying.

    1. xileffilex

      A great example of a #NDNGH disaster/chaos drill mounted by the police. “German police have said…”
      Better coverage in the UK ‘s free, hoax-packed read, The Metro…

      So the actor is a Swiss based Eritrean who appeared in a campaign for integration… what’s the take-home message here? Is the Government in control of/ in tacit agreement with these events, or are they being shoved down the supine government’s throat by unelected spooks?

      The pictures say enough for me to be happy that nobody died in this phoney fake German production.
      But beware of men in dark clothing with worried looks on their faces. Be very scared.
      Mind how you go. Evenin’ all.

    2. gaia

      This could well be a real story, the train station at 10:00 is completely occupied. There are some whacko immigrants as well. I wouldn’t just dismiss this story because it sounds strange.

      The only strange thing I see them mention is that the mother and boy were pushed “in front of a high speed ICE”. That is like double; an ICE is a high speed train. And as far as I know ALL ICEs from Düsseldorf to München stop in Frankfurt, so it doesn’t matter if it was an ICE or whatever other train; it was going slowly, not high speed.

      But one of the too many immigrants in Europe doing crazy stuff, I don’t see as unbelievable at all. Murder is very crazy, but we will never know what goes on in his head.


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