Bones don’t turn to oil

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I’m not the biggest rap fan, but when it comes to conspiracy rap B.o.b is the best.


(Rick and Morty sample)

[Verse 1]
I think a lit a fuse..
Embryos in food
Feed them in the school
Every day at noon

Police still abuse
Pedos get excused
Flowers still in bloom

Politicians lie
Chemtrails in the sky
Clones report the news
Clones report the news
Clones report the news
Clones report the news

Fluoride in your water
Babies get the needle
Before they leave the womb
Zombies in the room
Zombies in the tomb, elephant, what?
Elephant in the muthafuckin room

Bones don’t turn to oil
Bones don’t turn to oil, nigga
Bones don’t turn to oil

Bones don’t turn to oil
Bones don’t turn to oil, nigga
Bones don’t turn to oil

Bones don’t turn to oil
Bones don’t turn to oil, nigga
Bones don’t turn to oil

Bones don’t turn to oil
Bones don’t turn to oil, nigga
Bones don’t turn to oil

I’m the creator, the operator and the destroyer, muthafucka!
I’m the bait, the hostage and the ransom, muthafucka!

[Verse 2]
Who the fuck got a problem with Bobby Ray?
Since when did we give a fuck what a lunatic got to say?
Mr. Potato head and Shill Nye behave
Quit sucking each other off and debate with Eric Dubay
Debate with C Freeman El, and Dr. Alim El-Bey
Don’t know about you, but my ancestors was never slaves
If I had a dollar for every agent they sent my way?
Then I’d have enough money to send a rocket to space
And get some of that hair gel them hoes be using
That have some 0;pretty nice waves, pretty nice waves”

I cut my phone off and I lay low (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Cuz most these truther pages on a payroll
I’m not your leader, so don’t follow me (No sir)
Follow your own mind, and your own mythology (Yes sir)
Cuz if your mind ain’t your own, it’s somebody else’s property
So why them mocking me?
Ey, use your common sense
I don’t make no sense, I just rap I don’t know shit, BANDZ!

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26 thoughts on “Bones don’t turn to oil

        1. napoleon wilson

          smj has and will always be numero uno, shame about the hacking cunts and editing, ahwell , hope the house clowns enjoyed his chat

  1. gaia

    The Infinite Shill Society and some stupid nigga rapping about something he doesn’t know shit about. Oil comes mostly from algae and plankton, not “bones”. Praising Eric fuckin Dubay?

    The “standards” have been dropping drastically here.

    1. John le Bon

      Fossil fuels are an obvious HOAX you silly bugger.

      I honestly wonder why you hang around fakeologist dot com when you still clearly believe all of the nonsense you were indoctrinated with at school.

      Fossil fuels are a hoax.
      Fossils are a hoax.
      Outer space is a hoax.
      Asteroids and meteors are hoaxes.
      Human evolution is a hoax.
      Dinosaurs are a comical hoax.

      But you believe, and will always believe, that these things are all real.

      So again I wonder, why the hell do you hang around fakeologist dot com?

      Are your normie friends in real life so sick of you that this is the only place you find company?

      1. gaia

        Ah, the reminder that I was wrong.

        These “standards” fit perfectly with the trolls screaming stupid shit without any back-up.

        Keep talking John, nobody takes you seriously.

        1. John le Bon

          You take me seriously enough to keep coming back for more.

          Over and over again.

          Except you run away from a live on-air debate with me.

          Why is that?

          What are you afraid of?

      2. barbm124

        dear JLB, I agree on
        1. Fossil fuels are a hoax (they are made geologically)
        2. Fossils are a hoax (I don’t think, bones can turn into stones, especially in mud containing water)
        3. Dinosaurs are a comical hoax (see above)
        4. Human Evolution is a hoax (only partly, I’m convinced we’re adapting permanently even within a life span)

        If outer space is a hoax, what is it above us then? I’ve observed the 46P/Wirtanen comet recently. It moved visibly within stars in hours. The Perseids can be observed this month. Last year I got some on pictures. What are they if not meteors? I agree, meteors can’t be found on Earth because they burn in the upper atmosphere. If the Earth is not a sphere, what is it then?

        I asked you this simple direct questions and I’m expecting simple answers from you. Not metaphors or suggestions. Just tell me what you think. As simple as you can.

        Thanks in advance
        B. Müller

        1. John le Bon

          *If outer space is a hoax, what is it above us then?*

          We can see the sky, and at night time we can see the lights known as stars and planets. That is all. There is no reason to assume or believe that there is any ‘space’ (in the literal sense of the word) out there, let alone ‘outer space’, let alone ‘infinite space’.

          I know this seems bizarre. We have spent our whole lives knowing, knowing that there is something out there. How could there not be? The conditioning has affected us in ways we can barely imagine until we take the time to think through our evidence and our logic. Truly, our ‘worldview’ has been set a certain way since childhood. Few people will ever break free from that.

          For me now, and ever since about 2015/16, the sky is just the sky. The lights are just the lights. We can call them stars and planets, no problem, but that doesn’t mean that they are solid physical objects where anybody ever could or ever will go.

          The natural response is, ‘well what is making the lights if not solid physical objects’. This question comes from the same conditioning I referred to a moment ago. We have been conditioned to believe that the lights all ‘come from something’ (e.g. giant balls of burning gas). We cannot comprehend that perhaps the light is just light, nothing more, nothing less.

          I hope my response here is satisfactory for you to better understand where I am coming from. I’m not trying to persuade or convince you or anybody else. But if I was able to break out of the sci-fi conditoining then I know it is possible.

          Although to be honest what is to be gained from deprogramming oneself, really? I am no happier now than I was when I still believed in outer space and dinosaurs and all of this other horseshit. Or is it possible that I am happier but just don’t realise it? I don’t know. Point is, what difference does it make?

          Believe whatever makes you happy 🙂

          1. barbm124

            JLB, did you ever watched Jupiter and the moons? You can see the moons moving around the planet. You can observe their shadows on the planet. You can even observe the planet turning around. Same of course applies for our own Moon. Or how do you explain the movement of the planets? You know the Earth is a sphere, do you? Even the sun turns visibly around if there are spots, which currently aren’t because of the solar minimum. Observing Jupiter though works anytime. You’ll see changes within an hour. What’s your explanation for it?

            1. John le Bon

              Do you suppose it is beyond us to produce a dual system of astronomy? The stars can be near or distant, according as we need them. Do you suppose our mathematicians are unequal to that? Have you forgotten doublethink?

      1. gaia

        Apparently he is. Oil doesn’t come from bones. But what is “Fakeology” more than dumping untested hypotheses, promoting Flat Earth trolls and more.

        When someone takes a break from Discord he is verboten to call out bullshit on the blog?

        Jawohl, natürlich, mein Führer.

        1. ab Post author

          His lyrics agree with you.
          Gaia, why are you so confrontational? I don’t mind the odds disagreement sometimes I think you’re just here to pick a fight and not play nice with others. Other times I think there are two of you, one reasonable and another irascible. Carry on.

          1. gaia

            Just because I am reasonable, I am contrarious to bullshit. Just like you do with the “jet fuel hoax”.

            You drive around Ontario, so also you can chip off pieces of the Antrim, Marcellus or Utica shales there, put the chips in a test tube, light with a torch and you can see small amounts of oil and gas forming.

            This Soviet (!) “Abiogenic oil “””theory”””” is just as Tesla’s independence, the Khazar historical fakery, mudfloods and Tartaria and many others things conspies just repeat without actually thinking about it.

            Point me to a chemical analysis how abiogenic rocks can form complex molecules as the ones present in oil.

            Scientism is a big threat to real science, so falling for the same empty claims, but now from “non-mainstreamers” is not helping against scientism. Quite the contrary.

            1. ab Post author

              No idea what you’re talking about. When did I say rocks turn to oil?
              I don’t oppose your contrarian nature, I dislike your demeanor and unwillingness to converse without confrontation. If you can’t get along with people you’re mostly in agreement with, who can you be cohesive with?

              1. gaia

                “No idea what you’re talking about. When did I say rocks turn to oil?”

                Rocks DO turn into oil, did you even read my comment?

                And isn’t this the title of your own blog post:

                Bones don’t turn to oil

                Plus this is what he [also] raps about:

                “Chemtrails in the sky”

                You don’t believe in chemtrails, just like I highly doubt them, so how do you explain the lines in the sky?

                Ab, are you okay??


                Fossils are a hoax.

                Dixit “The World’s Greatest Skeptic” and “the most valuable Fakeologist” [or along that lines how you praise him].

                I should have known better, yep.

                  1. gaia

                    Why should I spend any time on that?

                    They have answered themselves many times over:

                    Blah blah blah blah bling bling blah

                    I don’t do answers, andshit

                    1. smj

                      I think isotopes are make believe. So how could I have any idea where you think you get yours? Or are you admitting you’ve no idea where you get your isotopes from, and therefore, your isotopes might just be make believe as far as you’re concerned? That’s why I keep asking you of course.

                      And when you go on the next Aussie fart fest get somebody that doesn’t have a reading disability to read my posts please.

            2. gaia

              Correction: “Tartaria” itself is very interesting, but there is a lot of fluff around it and that fluff is what I referred to.


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