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Shameless anti-“denier” hit piece

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It’s amusing listening to msm podcasts try and dismiss and attack anyone who challenges vaccinations, climate change, or the even NASA.

I listen to these to know the enemy. I call this clever propaganda.

Sometimes when we believe something, no amount of data can change our minds. This week, we look at how we rely on the people we trust to shape what we believe, and why emotions can be more powerful than facts. This episode features new reporting and favorite conversations with neuroscientist Tali Sharot and philosopher of science Cailin O’Connor.

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Neil Armstrong does stand up

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Neil was quite a performer before he retreated into his shell.

He does state the real mission statement of NASA: to get children dreaming of being asstrueNOTs by studying science and math.

That’s all they ever talk about to this day.

This cryptic speech by Neil never disappoints.

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MFT013-Bill Cooper Moon hoax series

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I enjoy Bill Cooper. Whether you consider him controlled opposition or not – and I do – he had so much good audio that he can’t be ignored.

Here is he talking about the Moon hoax from 1994.

Main sticking point I have is I don’t think there is any secret space program – to this day. I’d love to believe they are working hard at doing something to get past where planes fly – but I am too pessimistic to believe they do anything but steal the money.

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The world’s oldest LARPer

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Time is running out to repent, Buzz. I will forgive you even at the last moment.

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Both headlines are lies!

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Nothing much changes. This is a fake cover, of course, since the Toronto Sun didn’t start until years later.

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200,000 reasons per year to keep your mouth shut forever

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Adam says that the latest 9/11 vicsim compensation bill is for billions more to pay children of children of children of 9/11 “survivors”.

A hoax payment— in perpetuity.

So much for modern pensions disappearing from the workforce.

I’d say crisis acting pays extremely well.

Why open your mouth and spill the beans when you could affect your great grandchild’s future?

The fund received 2,963 death claims. This accounted for more than 98% of eligible families. Funds were distributed in 2,880 of these cases. The average award was $2,082,128 and went as high as $7.1 million.…

It’s hard to believe most everything about 9/11, including these numbers.

I tend to believe laws passed by Congress must have real numbers when it comes to money.

I wonder who gets most of it.

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