Final Clues Chronicles

I am a big fan of Hoi Polloi and Kham.

Both have contributed tremendously to and my understanding of 9/11.

Hoi is a tremendous writer. K did many great podcasts here – and tried hard to help others with ““. I have great respect for both.

Their collaborative podcast was a great effort. I wasn’t a great fan of their folksy back and forth, but they  tried hard and anyone who’s done their own podcast/blog knows it’s a lot of work. Kudos to them.

I am hosting this last podcast of theirs – they say they are transitioning from media fakery to other concepts. I wish them well and remind them that both are always welcome here.

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12 thoughts on “Final Clues Chronicles

  1. gaia

    A wise choice by Max and Kathy to detach from this “media fakery” “level” of research and interests.

    Whatever (ghostly) experiences have led to that decision, I applaud them for the insight in the silliness in spending (so) much time on these boring, uninspiring baby hoaxes.

    ¿Walmart El Paso? Yo paso.

    The minutia of these theatrical events are completely irrelevant in the end.

    The m.o. is always the same, it is like a soap series. Boring, uninspiring theatrical acts where in many cases actors are used and people don’t die, but in other cases real bombs or other physical weapons are used and real people really die.

    There is no one blueprint, but there is a clear collection of m.o.’s, depending on culture, geopolitical interest and many other factors, among which symbolism.

    It is the effect; the social engineering onto us, the goyim, literally; what they* think as cattle, that is the interesting and frightening part. And that is the same even if some fringe people realize it is all a puppet show…

    * Them; the Voodoo People, who like to play psycho chess on and with us, call them what you want; the Reptilians, the niggajews, the Oligarchs, the Crazy Apes.

    1. geris

      It’s designed to fish conspiracy minded people in the designated part of the web , that’s how I see it

      1. smj

        Didn’t you and my little buddy just do a five hour audio chat delving into the minutia of the theatrical moon landings?

        1. xileffilex

          He just can’t

          detach himself from this “media fakery” “level” of research and interest..

          It’s like a drug.

        2. geris

          Yes we did, sometimes a refresh on some of the particulars is in order,sometimes it’s more about the bigger picture

    2. xileffilex

      in other cases real bombs or other physical weapons are used and real people really die.

      Which events would these be? Please help.

  2. Unreal

    I am a big fan of Hoi Polloi and Kham […]   I have great respect for both […]

    Sad to see that a phoney researcher like Kham get praise after she has been unmistakeably exposed for giving false testimony and misleading Fakeologists (and others) in the 2011 Muckleshoot Casino shooting hoax*.

    And Hoi Polloi clearly seemed quite willing and able to guide Kham through her troubled lies in the Clues Chronicles 23 podcast.

    Clues Chronicles Issue 23: “Does Rocketry Work in the Vacuum”
    (Galaxy shooting witness testimony from 1h18min into the show, excerpt here)…

    K shooting hoax…

    *Kham demonstrably invented two deaths for the 2011 Muckleshoot Casino shooting that didn’t even ever feature in the the “official” hoax media version, there were only injuries – nobody died. Of course, nobody normally dies in these events despite claims, but in this instance no official claim of death was ever made – except Kham six years later…

    [ Below The Muckleshooter in red going into his trial and 1.000.000 dollar bail for attempted murder – not murder ]

    1. anzus23

      Kham, aka Clueseau, aka Gabriella, singlehanded destroyed almost your forum a couple of years ago. Remember the FE “debates” A lot of people started staying away from your forum because of Kham’s ramblings and the rest of the fuzz.

  3. napoleon wilson

    atleast ufo,s and ghosts are visible , unlike gravity and curvature,

    thanks for all your work…


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