4 thoughts on “FAC595-Mini Fart

  1. John le Bon

    For posterity, here is a video I made with a grab from the last 20 minutes or so of the call.


    I haven’t actually listened to the full call, I just clicked on a few sections so see who was talking, what they were talking about, help me to decide whether to bother downloading and listening. Lately I have been skipping most calls TBH.

    Anyway, I heard Rollo telling his story and when he got to the part where he said, ‘You talk to me like that and I’ll… fuck you!’ I lost my shit.

    I can’t even explain why but I have been lolling about this all day. It took me an hour to turn this three minutes into a clip and make the thumbnail and so forth, and I was literally laughing out loud on and off throughout the entire process.

    Rollo, you are a classic. Possibly a shit neighbour, I don’t know, but you are a legend of the media fakery scene. Long may it continue.

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