Epstein LARPer killed

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I haven’t checked into the mask technology of today, but as usual, I really doubt the same person playing Obama donned a mask to play Epstein.

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4 thoughts on “Epstein LARPer killed

  1. rickyricky

    This story caused me to reflect on my evolving attitude towards media fakery since coming across this site many years ago. Of course this Epstein story is ridiculous on it’s face, but every story in the media doesn’t interest me in the least anymore, once you know all the players presented to us are just actors, what’s the point of drilling down any deeper into these so called “events.” So it’s a blessing and a curse, more blessing for sure, but the sense of discovery “has left the building.” Kudos to all the more engaged like the incomparable xilleffilex and unreal, great insights and much appreciation. Of course Ab for getting the ball rolling and keeping the balls in the air. I wouldn’t stress about the “agents” infiltrating the site, if you’re sincere and stick around awhile, which is required to really learn, your’ own discernment will take care of that, I support Abs’ attitude towards letting things flow, smart people in time will figure shit out. It is still fun to hear the “normies” vent about all these stories, to think that used to be me, is equal parts educational and embarrassing.

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