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  1. geris

    The debate is minarchy or anarchy , does humans have a need for governance of some sort or can we live by nature’s law only, tribalism
    Is a solution in my opinion ,wich takes us to your
    Analysis of Tartaria

    1. gaia

      Yes, good point.

      I used to consider anarchism, but now it is a matter of baseline definition. All the anarchism/minarchism is centered around the concept of the state. Which in our heritage for Westerners is so ingrained, but other areas of the world, including the largest geographically and climatically similar landmass; “Tartaria”; literally place of horseback riders, doesn’t know that concept.

      That’s why I want to use the term shamanism now. There is no official definition of shamanism, which for a change the mainstream even admits (see wiki), so that means we, the goyim, are allowed (by linguistical law?) by The Ministry Of Newspeak And Truth to define it ourselves.

      I define it as a society where the wisest “rule”.

      Wisdom is a merited authority and that is still visible in our daily lives (luckily, it gets less, so enjoy and embrace it while you can).

      The Clownworld is all about destroying that natural way of living. Statism is not based on merited authority, but on enforced authority;

      “You go fight that tiger for me, or else I kill you and your family. And you pay me taxes, with rules I invented and have written down here.”


      “The best equipped and trained member of the tribe will fight the tiger as he has the highest chance of surviving and protecting the tribe.”

      Tribalism – people like to live, talk, do business, engage with like-minded people and those in most cases come from your tribe.
      Shamanism – the respect for wisdom and knowledge in society; literally what philosophy means in Dutch; wijsbegeerte; eagerness for wisdom/knowing

      “Tartaria”** is a vast concept, in scope, time and area, and it would be nice to explore the topic further before drawing hard-lined conclusions, but at this stage my view on that is that that his story is suppressed in “favor” of the Crazy Apes; the figures that are promoted in his story.

      The real history of that area was a collection (=multicultural, multireligious and multiethnical) of individual tribes with their own language, culture, religion, cuisine* and customs that traded with each other peacefully, like 99.9% of present and history is,

      The terror plots of today are the Genghis Khan horror stories of the past, if that is not clear after graduating from the Fakeology Academy Without Need For Definitions, then I don’t know what is.

      The hidden history is that what is unwritten, burned and downplayed by the Voodoo Narratives. And exactly that must have been huge in “Tartaria”**, again, the biggest connected landmass of its kind (bigger than the North American plains, Patagonia, the Australian desert or the Sahara). Only Antarctica is bigger.

      * steak tartare comes from the custom by the “Ta(r)tars” to take raw meat, warm it between your thighs and then consume it. Which makes sense with 10,000s of km2s around you without trees…. and thus firewood…

      ** Ta(r)tars are just any horse-riding inhabitant of the vast steppes of Eurasia, stretching from Kiev to Vladivostok. Important cities were Kazan (the capital of Tatarstan, Russia) and Samarkand (now Uzbekistan).

      1. smj

        Seeing as you claim to be eager fer wisdom and seeing as it appears you have no explanation fer the blatant contradiction betwixt wild bill libby’s hustle taking into account nuke tests that you claim are a hoax and your apparent belief in libby’s hustle. I’ll ask you another question about a bigger isotope hustler. do you find it at all suspicious that Harold Urey picked the Apollo landing spots? That initself makes dude a grade a hustler; but then when you consider the narrative also says dude was the uranium isotope separation guy fer the manhattan project(with the help of the atom smasher’s calutron girls of course); it’s seems to me the belief in his deuterium nonsense is indefensible. But you’re the isotope expert, whatsayyou little buddy?

        “In 1952, Urey published The Planets, which launched the science of geochemistry as applied to extraterrestrial bodies. He christened this new discipline “cosmochemistry.” In his book, Urey espoused the “cold moon” theory; that is, that the moon is a primitive body that never became hot enough internally for its rocks to melt. Earth’s natural satellite, he argued, was little changed from the time it formed. If humans one day could collect a piece of the moon, it followed, then they would have in hand a “Rosetta Stone” for deciphering the Solar System’s early history.

        What turned out to be the first steps toward lunar sample return occurred shortly after Urey’s book saw print. In late July 1955, the United States announced that it would launch a civilian scientific Earth satellite during the International Geophysical Year (IGY), an 18-month worldwide science campaign that would begin on1 July 1957. A little more than a month later, in early September 1955, the Soviet Union announced that it, too, would launch a satellite into Earth orbit.”

        Urey speculated that the early terrestrial atmosphere was composed of ammonia, methane, and hydrogen. One of his Chicago graduate students was Stanley L. Miller, who showed in the Miller–Urey experiment that, if such a mixture were exposed to electric sparks and water, it can interact to produce amino acids, commonly considered the building blocks of life. Work with isotopes of oxygen led to pioneering the new field of paleoclimatic research. In 1958, he accepted a post as a professor at large at the new University of California, San Diego (UCSD), where he helped create the science faculty. He was one of the founding members of UCSD’s school of chemistry, which was created in 1960. He became increasingly interested in space science, and when Apollo 11 returned moon rock samples from the moon, Urey examined them at the Lunar Receiving Laboratory. Lunar astronaut Harrison Schmitt said that Urey approached him as a volunteer for a one-way mission to the Moon, stating “I will go, and I don’t care if I don’t come back.”[2]

        …urey was wasserburg’s mentor. Wasserburg was the lunatic 1 isotope guy of course. What say you about the lunatic asylum at cal tech, little buddy?

  2. gaia

    Great to listen to a chat between mature men who have interesting view points to share. Good you guys keep up, but cody, please improve your sound. It shouldn’t be hard, especially not in the “””first world”””…

    Russ made a great point in the beginning; the fundamental difference between the physical world; natural law; Gaia and the Clownworld; the human world, invented texts on paper (“law”) that are scripted such that they don’t apply to them; the Voodoo People, the niggajews, the Reptilians, the Crazy Apes.

    The main underlying theme of all agendas played on us (the Voodoo Chess Game) is to get us as far away from Gaia as possible and to move as many people as possible into the idiocratic Clownworld with all their logical contradictions (“law” is full of them), silly stories, peculiar plots and physical harm of integrity (mutilation).

    More on this here.

    [T]he physical world has no choice. Gaia IS, she doesn’t decide. That’s a.o. why space travel is impossible. And always will be.

    The physical world is the real world; a.k.a. reality. The Clownworld is part of the social world; the world created by mankind. It’s a construction. A magicians theater set. A puppet show. Voodoo People Playing Mind Control Chess.

    There are only two laws; Clownworld laws and Gaia’s Laws.

    The first are arbitrary and the second are unbreakable and universal.

    People break “the law” several times a day, even if we “behave normally”. It’s all just words written by other people? Why would you care about that?

    Keep these chats coming guys, and don’t mind the trolling BS by vermindouglas or shillson in the “comments” below. Weak minds attack people, strong minds like to be challenged by new ideas.

    Or as Russ said himself: “it is useless to get into the Devil’s mind”. *Rollo voice sample*: Excellent, nailed it.

    And very nice to hear Chris Kendall coming across in the bumper, please make you hear again Chris!

    The “””Fakeologist””” (whatever the heck that means; the Fakeologist himself has never defined it, even after multiple times asking for it) with balls; calling the people and recording it. Fucking fieldwork. And the longest interviews on the content-wise undoubtedly best podcast around; Tim Kelly’s series.

    In these chats he (Chris) outlines his views on “the law” and I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Kendall.

    A classic:

    We need more of those balls against the pussyfying perverts.

    Chris, please reconsider reconnecting with us.

    1. smj

      I haven’t listened to a Tim kelley podcast for several years. Is he still an autobeliever extraordinaire? By that I mean does he still assume the existence of nukes, spaceships, and political assassinations etc.? If so, why do you think he’s the best podcaster around?

      Is it for his geopolitical bullshit? I know how you enjoy all that nonsense, little buddy.

      Oh yeah, I almost forget. Did you ever get around to debating Chris on evolution andwhatnot?

  3. napoleon wilson

    and you lot in the discord ignore ab , he.s questions get ignored naughty .ive noticed in my sprint through the shite
    that is classed as fakeologist discord.

    hes the only one I follow , and smj ….

  4. geris

    Napoleon,please don’t mention my name anymore,I always was nice to you, but frankly it’s ridiculous,either take your meds or stop taking it but do something different because now you are off the rails,you are making a fool of yourself

  5. geris

    Because I support any effort of fakeologist members,you are content with a few snarky comments ,good for you

    1. Vespadouglas

      do you support fakeo members like davej , aamorris , philblank…..etc……..do you know where you are? …….are you a ” fakeologist ?”

  6. napoleon wilson

    phil dont message me , took me ten minutes to read 5 months discord , christ theres some idiots in there, geris still making surehis audios are individually priced , 14 euros an hour not bad,

    tim ozman ha ha , the real tim osman is ginger, not gay like the one ab posts, awc and phil train has no topics since bill paxton died ,

    heard ab and the french accent lol live , he was describing a hacked phone he uses to be a “fakeologist”ad wanted access to fakeopedia , well soundwave 40 section is onits way , ha ha ha tim osman lol,

    now must leave something fun .

    i did ask russ for his boss,s number so i could speak to the boss house clown , but he shat him self,
    seriously phil good luck creating a truth community , ps i ran that place and discovered shit , none of you lot can read ahead no one real since november

  7. Vespadouglas

    its a shame that people who question the truth or the content driven “truthers ” are now negative(s)

  8. Vespadouglas

    he’s a proven liar ab……what’s to like? ……..i adore you and your site , but your faith is so questionable at times i,,,,,sadly , doubt your awareness……at times

  9. Vespadouglas

    why would anyone in the ” realm of fakeology ” – ( cute ) ………be , moved enough to upvote this ” discussion ” ………the chris , fucking liar , kendall crossover was so ” sync “


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