Declaring a sim dead

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Apparently it’s difficult to get a death certificate for a sim.

Don’t worry, these LARPers are agitating for a change of law making it easier for future to larp.

For months, Linda Babcock sat in a courtroom listening to the horrifying details of her daughter’s murder at the hands of convicted killers Dellen Millard and Mark Smich.

Babcock, for her part, wants to see a legislative directive that in situations where a murder has taken place, the coroner’s office will accept a conviction as a judgment that a person is dead, body or not.…

A good clue that you are looking at a is that they always have one 0;relative” who instantly becomes an activist.

Are we all a tragedy away from becoming legislative advocates ourselves? Of course the answer is no.

As with all these , you must wait months or years to see the changes in law. By then, everyone has forgotten the original story.

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2 thoughts on “Declaring a sim dead

  1. barbm124

    if it’s on TV, it’s fake. They will never show any real trials on TV. Real judges wouldn’t like to be filmed, real victims or perpetrators neither. Even killers can’t be filmed without their permission and why should they allow that?

  2. xileffilex

    Just love the steadying legal hand on the shoulder as the “Family member” reads out the prepared statement in the 2017 video. A hoax speciality.

    It will be a nice post hoc earner for the legal profession and it fills the papers for years. A perfect hoax in other words. Nice spot, lawyers.

    Death certs came pouring out of the machine within days of 9/11….

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