Is helium another military hoax?

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The appropriately numbered podcast is a Fakeologist’s delight.

It starts off with an astroNOT.

It has a sketchy origin story for helium’s discovery.

It’s taken over by the military.

It’s stored underground in its original rock, even though it’s impossible to contain.

Only one storage/source in the entire world.

It’s new price is now $119/unit (up from 65), as the government divests itself from its exclusive control.

It’s going to be harvested in the hotbed of fake resources (like uranium), Saskatchewan, Canada’s breadbasket.

Besides party balloons, it’s used by and your super expensive healthcare industry (another industry rife with and scams).

Like radioactivity and uranium, is there anything at all to helium, or is it something else that we have plenty of, disguised as a mythical occult gas?

@Smj and @jlb should en oy this puzzle.

#933: Find The Helium

2019-08-16 by NPR

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Helium is so special, and so rare, that the U.S. government once tried to buy it all up. And hide it. But the government’s helium stockpile is low. And we need it for MRI machines and NASA rockets.

The reporter in this piece is clearly younger. Whatever you call the younger generation, millennials or Gen Y, their speech patterns are aggravating. Too many likes, uptalks, and giggles to take anything they say seriously.

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18 thoughts on “Is helium another military hoax?

  1. barbm124

    you can buy small amounts of helium in party shops. They produce helium from natural gas, which isn’t complicated. Helium is very useful (air ships, ballons, breath gas, lamps, welding, etc.). Of course they can claim the use of helium in all their hoaxes, but it does not mean helium does not exists.
    “These hippies are crazy, Earl. They don’t believe in plastic. That’s crazy! I know plastic exists! I’ve seen it!” (Randy Hickey)

  2. smj

    Helium is real enough, gravity isn’t. We’re told the two most abundant elements are immune to the wizard’s g. Seems like a big loophole in the wizard’s theory to me. I have no idea if they find the stuff in the ground.
    The magical alpha particles and helium isotopes are just more shenanigans from the cavendish; helium 3 was dreamed up at the cavendish and then Luis feckin alvarez would go on to discover it. We’re told Tritium for nukes is the main source of helium 3. Tritium was invented by the guy with Mercurius ter Maximus on the dexter side. Just so happens Rutherford had won his hustlers academy award for playing with helium nuclei of course.

  3. napoleon wilson

    I know that dirigibles are a good option , but as we all know stories are stories and the artistocrats think well ahead of us by atleast thirty odd years , now with the advancement of telecommunications you,d say that were uncovering more , so is helium for dirigible to fool us or just to pretend they know and control the moving lights in the sky as smj said .but just as we are learning more theres more stories , and the abandonement of the whole sphere , space and early assumption based meta exploration is not a mistake just part of the grand narrative hence most of the clowns we hear have curtailed opinions at best , knowing where ultimately the discussion will finish,

    but helium is the sun element so seems fitting that we discuss it ,per the narative

  4. napoleon wilson

    Scientific discoveries. The first evidence of helium was observed on August 18, 1868, as a bright yellow line with a wavelength of 587.49 nanometers in the spectrum of the chromosphere of the Sun. The line was detected by French astronomer Jules Janssen during a total solar eclipse in Guntur, India.

    theres always some story attached this one reminds me of the little shop of horrors. the plant like alien came during an eclipse , invasionof the body snatchers was meteors.

    French romance

      1. napoleon wilson

        fakeologist asking for evidence ,nearly spat me piss out ……

        ab some watch 911 collapse and see what there told , I know that no amount of heathen chemistry makes a sky scraper turn to dust before it hits . evidence is tricky when dealing with clownsand such. how long does your speak pipe last before it cutsout …

  5. napoleon wilson

    been over this , ab . im no com expert . but I did give permissions to some clowns in my discord before it was transferred, and geris first words to smj was just hacking a discord, look this is futile if your happy im happy , I was hacked by frenchy …. maybe another 6 months of non fakeology chats will make you think ……..

      1. napoleon wilson

        should be some posts then because in the discord helium was a multi avatar discussion spanning a good month or so,
        ultimately bringing into question the nature of the psi-ence were taught and most of history modernity relies on

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