FAC597-Geris, Ab, Tim Ozman, Qbandahli, Fliegenfuerst

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Tim Ozman from IPS dropped by.


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12 thoughts on “FAC597-Geris, Ab, Tim Ozman, Qbandahli, Fliegenfuerst

  1. gaia

    And of course excellent that Qban joined, also as a natural scientist; biologist.

    That is heavily needed in this “community” where too many people fall into the same set trap of con-fusing science with scientism.

    It is extremely important to understand what both are and explore the murky boundary between the two.

    But portraying scientists as some scamming Neil DeGrasseTyson clown is silly and so 2016.

    It is scientism and make-beliefs those have led to the point where unfortunately far too many of “us” fall for this Flat Earth crap. Even though everyone on the beautiful curved surface of Gaia can do the Orion test and see for themselves that the Earth can only be convex.

    Love to hear more of your scientific mind, Qban, get your voice out there!

  2. gaia

    Very interesting bits in this good chat, I listened part of it live and now on download, but the idea Tim Ozman has of “putting a thorn in the thigh of the media” with having a central wiki for everyone to see, hmmm.

    How can you be so naive to expect that that wiki will not be taken down?

    Are the claws of the niggajews, the Voodoo People, the Crazy Apes, suddenly so short that purging thousands of YT channels is no problem, but a tiny Asterix wiki village will somehow stay unharmed?

    Look at what they did to Metapedia. It is up again, but was down for a long time.

    I of course embrace the idea of a wiki; the concept is absolutely perfect and that’s why we keep going back to it, Rubber Stamped Wikipedia or other wikis. But I think the power is in staying small. As a channel, as a Discord, as a community, as a wiki. And I mean small in exposure, not in content.

    Thank you for the compliments about Fakeopedia by the way.

    Tim (Ozman, not Ab), you made a great point later in the chat about the religiosity of the AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) scam. That concept of sin, and a new “religion” definitely is true and a good point. That is how Strong they got into the minds of the people and use the “sexy” doomsday stories of books and films to prep us for this only way to Get Global, and the concept of “sin” is strong in Christianity, but essentially universal.

    Marc Dutroux’s story was huge in Europe, I am surprised you didn’t get anything of that in Canada Ab, it was the “9/11” of the day.

    And I agree with Geris; the details and stories are constructed and contrived, but the underlying business of child trafficking and prostitution are unfortunately very real. Using the story to “question” that that exists is falling in the exact nihilist trap the scriptwriters have set for us.

    Let’s hear more “street stories”** please, with Geris and the lovely Qban joining, there is no end to those.

    ** real life experiences, to learn from, reflect on and share, instead of those Clownworld stories out there; a waste of energy

    1. xileffilex

      Dutroux….child trafficking….. Epstein….[etc etc etc ] what’s the evidence? Oh, we read it in the media. And the perennial “Challenger astronots hiding in plain sight” rabbit hole also got another exhumation. Otherwise a good chat, one of the most interesting in recent times.

      1. antipodean

        I’ve been following the Epstein saga and making the odd post about it. I’m having trouble trying to find the crime. So far all the women appear to be over 16 and consented.

        And the young blonde girl, if she is the daughter of ex Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating’s partner Julieanne Newbould, that would make her 18 at the time of the infamous Prince Andrew video.

        “What have I been doing? I raised my two girls (Bella, 21, and Gigi, 17). They’re great kids, fabulous kids.
        “They’ve been my priority – they still are my priority,” she said.
        Ms Newbould said she was still a hands-on mother and would help guide Gigi though her HSC this year.
        “I’m focused on that and getting her through, and the dealings that go on with it.


      2. gaia

        You’re not seriously interested in answers, as you attack your own strawman already.

        But more on perverse pedophile psychopaths.

        If you think the Challenger astronots don’t hide in plain sight, I don’t know what you do at Fakeologist. That event is crystal clear, Simon Shack has exposed that one in detail.

        1. ab Post author

          I also agree they are hiding in plain site. If they are not, then they all have identical twins (an intelligence favorite).

        2. xileffilex

          It’s nonsense, a flat earth style rabbit hole; Go on, call them up these ‘doubles’. You don’t even read what I wrote years ago. I know what YOU are doing at Fakeologist and PoM, Gaia.

          1. Tom Dalpra

            Gaia says The Challenger event is ‘crystal clear’, having been ‘exposed by Simon Shack in detail.’
            Clear as mud, I reckon.
            – Jan ’15 Simon Shack calls out Judith Resnik citing Sumstuff52′ s YouTube video as his source.
            – Jan ’15 – I found the possible Christa Mcauliffe to go with Resnik.
            March ’15 – A Darrell Foss posts an article on Opob news where he suggested 5 possible hiding-in-plain-sight candidates from The Challenger. Possible matches for all except Greg Wray and my Christa Mcauliffe.

            As documented at the time by ICfreely, this article was clearly NOT the inspiration for Simon’s original enquiry.

            However, by 2018 on the same thread, Simon was saying – ” Now, I really ought to make this clear: the original source/ inspiration for my Challenger research was an article by one Darrell Foss, on “Opob news”. This blog is now gone – but here’s what I found on the Wayback Machine: web.archive.org/web/2015033002…. ”
            Uh?? No IT wasn’t. Simon originally cited Sumstuff52’s as his source for the Resnik enquiry and this opened up the possibility of there being more, to which I added the possible Mcauliffe.
            Then, two months later, up popped Darrell Foss’s article.

            What am I missing here? It doesn’t add up.
            And that’s before any discussion about whether the whole thing is a classic piece of Goldbug-like disinformation or not, which now seems a possibility to me and which xileffilex suggests, I think.

            Having been involved with the original research on it, I’m still quite intrigued by the whole thing and far from clear exactly what the truth is.

            1. gaia

              “What am I missing here? It doesn’t add up.”

              Five people faking their own deaths and living on under their own names (or those of their brothers) and without plastic surgery.

              Trolling in our faces.

              All the rest is irrelevant fluff. Simon was the first one to release this, and I always thought it was based on earlier research (too). So what?

              It is about the points he made and they stand uneroded as Devil’s Tower.

              1. xileffilex

                A. You don’t fake your own death. It’s done for you.
                B. “Resnick”was indeed living a fascinating double life. in her Astronaut/Lawyer period. Talk about having too many balls up in the air at once, juggling life/work/work balance…..

                It’s all balls to me.

  3. Vespadouglas

    autohoaxer is their term ……just like conspiracy theorist ……..theyre taking the piss and pigeonholing at the same time

  4. Vespadouglas

    i listened to the first 45 mins hoping ab would probe into this charACTOR but sadly not……i skimmed the next two hours but the last two mins ?…….what the fuX going on there ? …….a psyopticon moment 🙂 ………..rapid exit 🙂 ….loony tunes


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