Bloodied bouquet on the tableau of loss

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Is there any chance this ghoulish tale is real? Not even a crash picture here.Since no one is buying crime books, today’s writers are contracted to write the phony crime stories. Gotta pay the rent somehow!

The prose here is over-the-top ghoulish schlock, as indicated in this post’s title.

Young newlyweds were killed Friday afternoon in a savage car wreck while pulling out of the judge’s office where they had just tied the knot.1;They hadn’t even been married for five minutes,” said LaShawna Morgan, mother of groom Harley Morgan, 19, and mother-in-law to Rhiannon Morgan, 20, all of Vidor.…

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3 thoughts on “Bloodied bouquet on the tableau of loss

  1. xileffilex

    aaand a recent one from the UK, the ideal “cop murder” for the quiet news period of summer…

    Newlyweds PC Andrew Harper and his wife looking forward to honeymoon when he was killed
    [had been “together” for 10 years]
    comments from….yes you’ve guessed it …. an uncle and a grandfather.
    “loveliest bloke you’ll ever meet”…. “brilliant”

  2. xileffilex

    It’s a common theme, sudden deaths of newly weds – i.e. get your wedding paid for and new identities to create news content. Aug 25 2019, Texas……

    Two newlyweds have died in a car crash in Texas – minutes after getting married.

    Harley Morgan, 19, and Rhiannon Boudreaux, 20, collided with a truck after leaving their wedding venue in Texas on Friday.

    1. xileffilex

      According to witnesses, their car then flipped multiple times before coming to rest in a ditch.

      The couple, still in their wedding clothes, were pronounced dead at the scene by the same justice of the peace who had just married them.
      “The family was right behind them.
      They were all going out to go to wherever they were going to have their reception,” Orange police chief Captain Keith Longlois said.

      Yeah, right.

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