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FRAC 18 – Intense Education This was by far the best FRAC ever (even more than my years of research into Apollo), thanks so much @Fakeologist @dave j @Geris-(Benoit) @fliegenfuerst for making this unique content possible. NOTE: the audio chat does not stop after Geris’s farewell

Also starring John le Bon, Rollo and John Laws

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9 thoughts on “FAC600-FRAC18

  1. Original Simulant

    What’s the current version ? I’ve been part of at least 2 Versions so far; maybe 3 but it depends on how you’re categorizing it. Your labeling standard would make sNAT seem linear by comparison.

    is kn tusat inman?

    1. Vespadouglas

      sNAT & is kn tusat inman are blatant untruths , as you well know……..are you still considering , taking the wheel at HBC ver 2.0 , OS ?………have you discussed this with the previous ( or present ) ” owners ” at all ? ……..cheers VD

        1. ab Post author

          Dear VD,
          Your snippy comment limit has been reached. It’s literally graffiti in my comment section, which I consider vandalism. Please login to discord and leave your disdain there so I don’t have to pay for its storage.
          I’ve suspended your account as an example to others of what I don’t consider constructive criticism and worth reading.

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