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  1. gaia

    Many people, including the famous computer-voiced Fakeologist YT channel, have suggested that Faye might by jewish (Faye is a jewish first name).

    I have been skeptical about that for a long time, but in THIS chat it almost becomes inescapable. The typical jewish lies are in full display in this chat. Faye has been caught with her fascist hand in the cookie jar, multiple times and YET keeps misdirecting, begging for sympathy and lying. “Like a jew”.

    Even though the chat itself is not so interesting, in the end it became better and I played good John le Bon videos, the way how that cretin creature tried to snake her ways out of being caught on all sides is priceless.

    Oy vey!

    On this most (((holy))) day for modern jews; the destruction of their “temple” and the “right” to invade nations in the Middle East; even more shekels and suffering points to hit others with.

    The irony is almost kosher.

    1. ab Post author

      Gaia, I know you don’t like Faye (I do), but please retract your groundless slander of her. Even if she is Jewish, I don’t tolerate blatant stereotyping of members here. That goes for people of any faith, including the chosen perps of 9/11, the Muslims. You also must know that repeating the lie that “the jews did it” paints an easy target here. Since I try and keep this place about media fakery, I’m not going to entertain memes that are clearly set out to ensnare sites that repeat them.

      Personally, I don’t know anybody that celebrates 9/11, let alone the jews calling it a “holy day”.

      1. gaia

        Why do you make this personal? It is completely irrelevant if you or me like Faye or not.

        What it is about, and you can hear that clearly in the chat, is the fascist attitude of Mrs. Faye. “What I disagree with or don’t like, is getting removed from Fakeopedia”. She doesn’t even respect you or your property and you still like her? Are you a masochist? Rhetorical question.

        If you describe judaism as purely a “faith”, you clearly haven’t done your research. And instead of doing that, you play the anti free speech card. Ironically (hmm, is it?) THE card the jews play. The victimhood mentality. The “don’t criticize us, we are protected by Ze Eternal Suffering By Anyone Else But Us” fantasy.

        The chosenite idea of jewism is blatant fascism and racism (both real, not that Newspeak bullshit that you seem to swallow as a heroine addict his needle); it is seeing other Homo sapiens (creations of Gaia/God) as genetically/racially inferior; Untermenschen. And acting upon that fantasy. And themselves as superior; Übermenschen (Nietzsche, praised by the Nazis was of course a jew). That is FAKE. And I thought this site was all about analyzing fakery?? FREELY, without imagined indoctrination ideas.

        Any truth seeker, and especially those here for the fakery should deprogram themselves and throw away all those taboos and fantasies that are merely a product of programming. And in many cases of course jewish programming; indoctrination institutions (“Frankfurt school”, the origins of public education in the German Reich, talking about Reich, what about the filthiest jew of modern history; Wilhelm Reich?), the media (all jewish owned), the banksters (any explanation needed?), the military-industrial complex (Israel’s number one industry), etc. etc. etc. usw. enz.

        The list is endless? You wanted to tell me that you are a coincidence theorist? Without doing any research (and that is the main problem here). It is pure Pavlovian ADL crap.

        If you don’t see this, how the hell can you call yourself “awake” or any other term? You are doing this since 2012, if I am not mistaken, and in allll those years you had the possibility to research this matter, but you didn’t. You just parrot propaganda.

        You can read all about the incestuous relationship between Zionism and Nazism at the Nazionism page on Fakeopedia. It is all well referenced so you can check the sources behind the statements.

        Why don’t you do that instead of threatening me with free speech limits (I guess we can from now on not hear you about JewTube purges anymore)?

        That would be way more constructive than using the scythe to chop off the voices you don’t want to hear rising from the field…

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