FAC603-Gaia supersession

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Gaia, creator of fakeopedia, hosts a supersession of voice, including a new one from Estonia, KarlM. Also Geris, Gaia, Exoterick, Mansfield

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Fakeopedia entry for 603

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1 thought on “FAC603-Gaia supersession

  1. gaia

    A very nice and fruitful conversion with sharp-minded civil thinkers, thank you all for the abilities to learn so much from each other and of course Ab for providing this opportunity to us.

    To the listeners:
    Watch the shownotes, they give guidance to what we talked about.

    I want to highlight one part, which I posted at Cutting through the Fog before, where smj is also present, and I think it is pretty useful and strong, mainly because it doesn’t matter what you believe in what “space” is. It summarizes the ridiculousness of even contemplating any “space travel”. Jules Verne and Herschel were funny guys who started this whole craze. But just that. No space travel. Ever. Gaia decided.

    If you don’t know who Herschel is, listen to Chris Kendall’s favorite hoax and read about it on Fakeopedia, linked on the renewed Main Page. The image attached is there, to remind us what is REAL.

    “The thing with the space travel myth is that the maths do add up. They made sure that that worked. But maths is nothing more than a language. One can use it they way they want, with certain axioms of course.

    But what is the lesson from all the Einsteinian and other metaphysical magic? That maths can work, and it is possible to push it far beyond the boundaries a normal human being can grasp, that doesn’t mean they describe reality? It is fantasy. Magic. With magicians with special knowledge. Alchemy, almost.

    What NASA cum suis do is not necessarily faking reality, but approaching it as if things work in isolation. They present us with 2, maximum 3 body problems [as that is what is at least solvable with normal maths and minds] but we are not talking about just the end of the trunk, you cannot just deny that the rest of the elephant exists. And affects you.

    We are talking about million body problems here, which are unsolvable, even if it were physically possible to leave Earth.

    No matter what you believe in, what I call FoC; “Force of the Cosmos”, be it gravitational, electro-magnetical, charge, ether, gods or spaghetti monsters playing spiral games, whatever, there is a force, or more, that keep(s) the whole divinely harmonious 4D marble set going; the machine with the biggest, heaviest, most electromagnetic, charged and dominant bodies we cannot imagine.

    And then, suddenly, some humans [who stem from bloodlines of stage magicians] on one of these balls think they can beat that whole harmonious set, overcome the Force of the Cosmos that keeps them stored on their home planet? No, but really?

    Look up Lagrangian points and SOHO, they are so funny.

    “Parking places in space”, “always with a nice view of the Sun”, “missions work without any issues”, “material sciences? Nah, that’d spoil the story”.

    Euro Disney was more real, really.”

    I think we have nailed the “space travel” myth forever, or are there still Fakeologists around who believe in it, after all our chats of this week?

    Please speak up, join the chat without fears and we can bury that nasty uneasy feeling forever.


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