FAC603 Show notes

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@Fakeologist Shownotes for today’s chat ; KarlM, Geris, Gaia, Exoterick, Mansfield

Space Fakery: The Final Frontier
Simon Stevin
Simon Stevin (Dutch: [?sim?n ?ste?v?n]; 1548–1620), sometimes called Stevinus, was a Flemish mathematician, physicist and military engineer. He made various contributions in many areas of science and engineering, both theoretical and practical. He also translated vario…

Cutting Through the Fog
Space Fakery: The Final Frontier
I have written in the past about what I call “Operation Fantasy Land.” I surmised that to the extent that Intelligence has been promoting and publicizing analysis of media fakery (and e…

The Outer Light
New phenomena Aphantasia shows that 3 percent of the population ha…

ODD Reality
ODD TV’s 33 Conspiracy Movies ???

Mensen op de maan dat is onmogelijk NCRV

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