You’re an adult now 9/11

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The myth is now legal.

Obf sez: two days from now [0/19] it will be the 18th anniversary of one of the biggest US government of modern times, that is, the alleged 0;terrorist attacks on America” carried out on September 11th, 2001. This edition of the my scam alerts will therefor cover only that subject, and only the 9/11 research of one particular individual, Simon Shack.


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5 thoughts on “You’re an adult now 9/11

  1. napoleon wilson

    use your eyes watch the collapse, steel doesnt turn to dust, unless its a pyroclastic model 38 foot i believe is about right , but the artistocrats needed to match the real smoke screen .

    also the amount of house clowns talking about 911 years ago and dismissing it as c.g.i was telling , nearly as telling as the architects and engineers for truth , smh

    a house clown is a mason or mason familliar , like jlb or stavely or ips
    theres a few in fakeologist not hard to spot

  2. napoleon wilson

    if the artistocrats used c.g.i in the “collapse” someone needs a slap ,full outer metal structure failed , it fell at freefall speed nearly , and turned to dust before it hit the basin ,

    all in 12 par secs ,
    or was it models to match the smokescreen .

    choice being physics or t,v,
    use the force perspective luke.

    1. barbm124

      so you still think they showed us any real videos? Once you accept it was all CGI produced in advance you also have to accept that we will never see the real demolition of WTC as it took place on 911. Remember the demolition scenes in the Fight Club movie two years before 911? It’s like if one of their writers has a good idea, they will HRDPAR-it later a few times. After Stephen King wrote his Mr. Mercedes (crushing people on purpose with vehicles) they’ve HRDPAR-ed it a few times too.


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