Mourn slave!

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Mourning used to be personal, now it’s state mandated.

New York schools are required to provide a moment of silence to observe the anniversary of the terror attacks, according to a new state law approved by Gov. Andrew Cuomo Monday.…

H/t Dante

The must be imprinted into everyone’s minds, even if they’re clueless about the entire event.

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6 thoughts on “Mourn slave!

  1. gaia

    Any more evidence needed that a “truth seeker” who willfully sends his own fecking blood to an indoctrination institution (some people call that “school”, as if children were fish) for over a decade is in fact an insane torturer?

    Where is the directed anger about that choice we all can and must make?

    Listen for more about that to:
    – FRAC 18 – FAC600 – Intense Education with DaveJ, Geris and Fliegenfuerst*
    – FRAC 9.11 – FAC607 – 18 years later… What have YOU learned? with Geris

    *Du brauchst mehr Pfeffer in deinem Arsch


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