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How some got here

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Gaia puts much effort into fakeopedia, including such small entries.

Without knowing (about) the words “Fakeology“, “Fakeologist“, “Fakeologist.com” or “Fakeopedia” it is not so easy to get to the blog. However, two independent Fakeologists have reached the blog via two ways on Pirate Bay:


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Anything to promote the 2977 dead myth

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Just when you thought the stories couldn’t be sillier…

A US mother says her newborn daughter is a “little miracle” after she was born on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks at 9:11pm weighing 9lb 11oz.


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Price manipulation real

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Commodity and currency prices going up and down is real. This is how traders make money; stagnant markets are hard to make money on.

The stories behind them moving are likely staged or completely fabricated.

Is Yemen even organized enough, let alone able to afford/deploy a military drone? Even if it did, the USA sells more fighters etc. to Saudi than anywhere else. Were all these planes sleeping? The story is on its face nonsense.

Update: The WSJ is out with an update hinting at just how much the price of oil is set to soar when trading reopens late on Sunday after the Saudi Houthi false-flag drone attack on the largest Saudi oil processing plant:


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FAC610-FRAC91119-Ab, Legende, Geris, Gaia, Flig

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