FAK220-Chris Kendall and Brian

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I give Chris Kendall a call from hoaxbusterscall.com and catch up.

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2 thoughts on “FAK220-Chris Kendall and Brian

  1. gaia

    Great to hear Dr. Kendall and Dr. Fustercluck, thanks Ab.

    Chris, what you said; you’re looking for inspiration. And you sounded bland, let the fair and support for you cheer you up please.

    In the end, you reach a level, and I wouldn’t praise you, your balls (calling in; doing real fieldwork), or your work if you weren’t at that level years before me, you can find rest in all this Clownworld bullshit.

    You live a life close to Gaia; nature, reality, the physical world; that what we know is real.

    That is way way more important than (staying in) reactive mode to the censorship, the narratives, all the magic poured over us; “Fakeology 1.0”.

    In our latest podcasts I think we have reached a much more quiet, common and relaxed understanding and view of things (not) happening around us and especially Geris has been a great inspiration for that I’d say.

    Chris, listen to some of the chats and decide for yourself. We went into your favorite hoax in FAC 603 – “Beavers on the Moon”.

    What can we do? you ask near the end of the chat

    Expose and keep exposing, without anyone telling us to “restrain” or so to certain invented and policorrected “standards”, our own natural self with a focus on tribal** shamanism*. In our own environments.** On or offline.

    Where not force, like in the Clownworld, yet *wisdom “rules”…

    In the end we, you, me, are stronger.

    PS: it would be great to hear you on the F.A.R.T.
    (also on Fakeopedia)


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