Shooting and terror in Mississauga

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One of the areas that I frequent has turned into a 0;shooting gallery” in the media, at least.A friend acquired a fuzzy video with lots of pop pops that I’ll find and post.Add a suspicious gof***me, a “family friend” as the spokesman, a fuzzy vicsim photo, shoes, seven, and we have many elements of a psyop #hrdpar.

Police say they are looking for at least seven shooters, armed mostly with semi-automatic weapons.Five others were injured, and Davis, who police say was an innocent bystander, was killed steps away from his home.1;He went inside to change his shoes, and he did not even make it back to his apartment,1; Alincy said.…Update 9/18Apparently the local police substation (in the mall) is on the budget chopping block.The message on (a new account) Twitter is that this could have been prevented iffff…… a tear in sight in 7 minutes from 0;Mom” and “Dad”…

Brand new twitter account

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1 thought on “Shooting and terror in Mississauga

  1. gaia

    13-Year-Old Syrian Refugee Among The Youngest Victims In Mississauga Mass Shooting

    1 – there we go; “refugee” suffering programming

    A 13-year-old Syrian refugee was among those shot outside an apartment building in Mississauga on Saturday evening. She was the youngest victim, who recently [!] moved to Canada from Turkey with her family, a family friend told CityNews. The young girl was on the first floor of the building when she heard gunshots and ran to the window [?????????????????], where she was hit by a bullet in the Mississauga shooting that left one dead and five injured.

    Yes, because in Syria, unbeknownst to bullets and gunfire, you don’t seek hide and cover, like anywhere else in nature, but “run for the window”…

    Police say that gunshots erupted on the set of a rap video that was being filmed in the neighbourhood.

    17-year-old Jonathan Davis was the innocent bystander who was killed in the attack. He was a Grade 12 student at Lincoln M. Alexander Secondary School. Jonathan was pronounced dead at the scene.

    Right, a rap video.

    “pronounced dead at the scene”, that is the task of a coroner or at least a medical professional… And how do we know (so fast) this David was “the innocent bystander”?

    I wanted to continue, but just cannot. Look at this RIDICULOUS “photo”…. Has anyone ever seen a tie half the size of your eyebrows? TRIOMF, for sure.

    Watch the sash; the colors of Benetton! And the Gabon flag.


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