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Does anyone really win the big prize?

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Rarely do we get good news follow ups to the so called big lottery winners. Case in point.

A Canadian man whose fortunes changed overnight two years ago when he went from being laid off to becoming a multi-millionaire has died in Ethiopia, Global Affairs Canada has confirmed.

Source: Toronto man who won over $10M in lottery money dies under mysterious circumstances in Ethiopia | CBC News

His thumb in the original story looks a bit long. Is this story a case of wrapping up a sim in a sim story?

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MM doesn’t believe star salaries

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..and neither do I. Link

Star Salaries are Fake by Miles Mathis First written September 10, 2019

What got me writing here was watching Rory McIlroy allegedly winning $15 million in the final golftournament of the year. That’s for playing golf for four rounds. You may believe that, but I don’t. Notonly do I believe these sports outcomes are managed, I believe the dollar amounts are manufactured aswell.* Why? Because by compiling all my evidence of the past decade, I can see the bigger picture.

He also has a few things to say on golf clues – and says he’s a scratch golfer even though he plays only a few times a year (I call BS on that – is this the turd in the punchbowl for his piece?)

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Oh to be a kid today

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Brought to you be the Dept. Of Fear, a special video to scare the shit out of your children.

The Sandy Hoaxers have no shame.

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Fake footage that changed the world

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This is a repost, deleting those fleeting youtube links for Faketube.

The major events of our time are defined by what we saw on TV – the greatest hypnotic propaganda device ever invented.

Fakeologist contends that ALL the iconic video of our time is FABRICATED – created in a Hollywool studio to deceive the public and sear into the memory of the collective subconscious so deeply that it is unchangeable and unforgettable.


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