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  1. gaia

    And John, the difference between your smooth audio and video series and my amateur contributions in this podcastosphere are that mine are raw. The shouting and yelling you do in your shows are not shown to the audience, because you edit them out. I don’t blame you, that is what production is. And you’re good at it.

    There is no editing here, everything is live, this is the pure Gaia. No make-up, no nonsense.

    The good, the bad ánd the ugly

  2. John le Bon

    Gaia’s screaming at the top of his lungs, around fifty minutes in, was equal parts amusing and disturbing.

    What did the other participant do to deserve such treatment?

    Gaia, you are a clown, and no intelligent person still believes you are anything more than a clown.

    You have shown your true colours too many times over the past few years.

    Fortunately for you, the ACT realm is a circus, so you’ll always be welcome somewhere in this space.

    Right now you are apparently still welcome here on Fakeologist dot com.

    If you keep treating fellow users of this site the way you treated the other participant in this audiochat, hopefully your welcome will soon expire.

    And if Ab (and other content creators and facilitators like myself) want to use paypal as a means for accepting payments, donations, or ‘beer money’, then that is our prerogative, and your attempts to undermine this are blatant and transparent.

    Perhaps it is time for you to shut your filthy mouth.


    1. ab Post author

      This was not Gaia’s best performance. Gaia is full of passion, and gets frustrated easily and lashes out. In the end, you can’t force a horse to drink the water. He needs to learn that when trying to persuade, cudgeling the persuadee doesn’t work. He needs to review this powerful fable.

      1. gaia

        I lash out easily indeed. Especially to those who join a recorded chat, where they are invited in, know nothing about, are not interested in and start taking over.

        For that reason I learned from my mistakes in FRAC 18, and am happy with DaveJ that is all solved. He shares wisdoms I learn from, so I shut up.

        So Ab, thank you for the wise Aesops lesson!

        Ask yourself: how can one join a live chat and
        – know nothing about the subject (which is fine of course; all the more time to learn)
        shows no interest in the subject, because
        listening and processing an audio clip of 1-2 minutes is already too much to ask

        NPC behavior. Exactly that what needs to be deprogrammed; fakeologized if you want.

        I had great talks with many people without shouting. People in an earlier phase of waking up than me now. No problems. But where this Swiss guy should speak when he has to share something and listen and take in a lot, he starts going all over the place not related to the topic. And that is every time the same.

        We had a very nice chat planned for this topic and unfortunately it turned this way.

        The lesson of it is that if Fliegenfuerst is in the Audio Live Chat, I will respect that and not join in. If he does the same, there is no problem.

        Living Happily Apart Together I think it teaches here it that apartheid between the two of us is the solution.

    2. gaia

      “And if Ab (and other content creators and facilitators like myself) want to use paypal as a means for accepting payments, donations, or ‘beer money’, then that is our prerogative, and your attempts to undermine this are blatant and transparent.”

      “Undermine”? Where?

      I want people to donate to you, Ab, FART, Trypt, anyone. So your misconception is completely unjustified.

      I learned from YOU, thank you, that a parent who willfully injects his/her child with formaldehyde, mercury, “dead viruses” (whatever they are) and other venoms, is A MORON.

      I was far too lenient and started to excuse those parents for their stupid behavior and you have shown me my inconsistent reasoning there. So thank you for that insight.

      But I have taken that consistency a step further and will not bite my lip about this, even though

      “Perhaps it is time for you to shut your filthy mouth.”

      you seem to hope for that.

      You are a MORON if, as a truth seeker:

      – you inject venom into your children – “vaccination”
      – you mutilate your children – “circumcision”
      you send your children to indoctrination institutes – “schools”
      – you support and help spread the people we try to expose here as immoral liars??

      How the hell can you even ask people to use Paypal, a “service” started by Elon Musk???
      How does it even enter your brain to use Amazon.com (Jeff Bezos) for your online orders???

      We talk about Space fakery, EGI (look up his “mom”), liars, psientists, fake faces, Global Warming, other political agendas, LGBTQSPQR, social engineering, everything.

      But then, without thinking, so a l’aveuglette, you actively start supporting their brand names?

      Since when are there no alternatives for anything anymore?

      “Paypal” is just a system, you can use many others.

      Yes, that takes time, effort and creativity. But that is what it costs if you’re honest about your truth seeking and moral principles.

      And I have been the only one in the last weeks sharing your great videos, John. On air. And asked people to donate to you. Why so hostile?

      My request is very simple; don’t do business with people we know are filthy.

      Don’t be a moron.

      1. John le Bon

        I still bank with major Australian banks.

        I still purchase my computer equipment from major computer hardware manufacturers.

        I still fly with major airlines.

        And so on and so forth.

        I’m even typing this very comment from a Starbucks in Bangkok.

        If you want to eschew all major companies then that is your business.

        Many of us are happy to continue to use the services we deem most appropriate and/or effective for our own ends.

        Paypal continues to be an easy and well-known way to make payments and transfer money.

        Many of us in the broader ACT realm use it on a regular basis without any problems.

        And you are trying to undermine that. For what reason?

        The FART guys accept paypal for beer money.

        Ab accepts paypal for donations.

        And I accept paypal for monthly Membership subscriptions.

        And if you have a problem with any of this, that’s fine, but it is your problem.

        Not ours.

        And let’s be real for a moment: you haven’t really stopped using the goods and services of major companies.

        You’re a rank hypocrite, just like you always have been.

        It is so obvious to every intelligent person by now.

        When you have to leave South America to return to Europe, what are you going to do?

        Swim? Sail in a home-made raft? Ride as a stowaway in the landing gear area of a private jet?

        No, you are going to fly with a major commercial airliner.

        We live in the real world, sunshine.

        Stop LARPing as some kind of anti-capitalism crusader.

        You’re a joke without a punchline.

        You just keep going away and coming back, time and again, like a toy train on a figure eight track.

        1. gaia

          The last comment is funny, because you do the same. So who is the hypocrite?

          Geris and me and many great others have recorded since your last Fakeologist Audio chat 590 more than 440 hours of content you never had heard of. Material for free to use for your subjects:
          – history hoax
          – space fakery
          – nuke hoax
          – the greater picture than just baby hoaxes
          – getting rid of that ridiculous victimhood idea

          But what do you comment on here on the blog? Me. I am irrelevant, John. In the end you are too. It is your message that counts. What did you think of the 440 hours outside of FAC 614? Have you listened to them?

          And as always, you are twisting things here. Me, an “anti-capitalism” crusader? I am all for capitalism; real capitalism; free market trading.
          (well this answers my last question; you clearly haven’t)

          If you don’t understand the immoral irony behind the following, I cannot help you anymore.

          “You are listening to Fakeologist.com, where we expose media fakery, scientism, historical narrative construction, nuke hoaxes, social engineering agendas, plane crashes, baby hoaxes and immoral actions by Clowns.

          Now please donate, using and promoting [brand naming] Elon “Tesla in Space; It Looks So Fake So It Must Be Real” Musk’s company.”

          I can only show you the door, you are the one who has to walk through it.

          All the best John!

          PS: Support the local Thai FFS, not Starbucks. Mán, I thought you were awake…

          1. John le Bon

            PS: Support the local Thai FFS, not Starbucks. Mán, I thought you were awake…

            You might be surprised to learn that Starbucks do not fly Americans over to staff their stores in Bangkok. They employ local Thai people.

            Bizarre, I know.

            With that said, I’d love it if one of the ‘local’ cafes in this area had sufficient desks and electricity outlets for sitting down at a laptop for long periods. The coffee at ‘local’ cafes are half as expensive as that at Starbucks. Sadly, they don’t provide the necessary facilities.

            That’s probably why this Starbucks is packed every day with other people, all Thai, on their laptops. 120-150 baht is a lot to pay for coffee almost anywhere in the world, and especially in this country.

            But people are willing to pay a premium to get the best facilities. There’s a lesson in that. Perhaps Ab should take note. On my Discord server and podcasts you never hear people shouting at one another at the top of their lungs. The opposite happens: newcomers are encouraged to share their opinions, even if they go against the views of myself or the other Members of the site.

            You can pay for good service/facilities and enjoy the benefits, or you can cheap out and see what happens.

  3. gaia

    Just found this 5 year old post by Ab and I think the good recommendations deserve to be repeated here:

    “My only advice is to echo Hoi’s: toughen up, ignore those that bother you, and feel free to discuss in separate threads or chats what bothers you. Just remember that most are visiting this site to help decode the propaganda pounding them daily.

    Don’t get lost in (false) battles that may lead you no-where.”

  4. gaia

    The chat was interrupted unfortunately by technical and other issues.

    Geris and me may record a better version another day.

    But the background information on these clearly lying Schaefer clowns (“one is not allowed to present evidence in a German court”, you really expect me to believe this nonsense?) can be found on Fakeopedia, also a fake story that 3 books of Schaefer were “confiscated by the Canadian customs” for being “hate propaganda”.

    All these books are completely mainstream, available in online bookstores, and I had never heard of them before, so it may be an extra sales pitch to sell these particular books to triggered followers of this Schaefer Cult.

    Also links to Brian Ruhe who is up there big time and John Friend’s interview with Monika Schaefer, shared by Ab earlier.

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