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Ladies and gents, We have seen how the alleged 9/11 victims were fictitious/simulated entities made up out of thin air – and entirely crafted in the digital domain with facial morphing softwares (today readily available to consumers) such as this. This discovery has led me to ask myself: so what about the US military casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan – and other war zones? Could they possibly also be – at least partly – simulated ? This will of course sound like an extreme, “unthinkable” supposition. We

Source: View topic – ARE MILITARY CASUALTIES SIMULATED? • Cluesforum.info

Update 9/2019 from Simon:

Dear all, I have taken a short break from my cosmic research these last couple of days – as I realized that my original post(OP) of this important thread had been “sabotaged” once again: all the linked images to the MilitaryTimes war memorial had disappeared, due to their URL’s being changed (for the second time, since my OP back in March 2013). This forced me to patiently reconstruct the entire post, by recapturing these (new / currently-working) image URL’s one by one. As I did so, I also found further “problems” with that memorial website – and decided to update my OP with these new findings. I have to say, in hindsight (and with what we now know regarding the capabilities of face-morphing softwares), that my OP – that I wrote more than six years ago – still stands the test of time. I honestly think that it’s now high time to address and diffuse (over the internets) this vexing issue with renewed ardour and energy; I personally refuse to live on a planet where such blatant deception – as documented below – can endure and remain unnoticed by most people in this world for so many years.

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Fakeologist visits 9/11 memorial in Canada

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Today I visited this sad city park on the south shore of Lake Ontario. It is near a city rescue animal farm, and the signs are sporadic leading you to it. Without knowing where it is, you’d never find it. It’s not even listed on google maps, but if you zoom in on the park, one trail will be so marked. Clearly, it’s meant to be missed.

Perhaps only the sim families can locate it, but alas, none recently. Not a wreath or flower in sight while I was there.

Guess no one really cares about these people.

You can read each poorly made plaque. Most of these Canadians weren’t even born here. Odd that they’d come to Canada, then leave to work in the WTC in NYC. How did they get a green card so quickly?

The “weeping” pine looks quite sad, sickly – even collapsed and sheared off. A great metaphor for the whole pathetic 9/11 hoax.

According to CTV, there are at least (story updated in 2012!) [[at least is a psyOp characteristic phrase]] 24 Canucks killed. Strange – I found 25 markers. Guess one guy was overlooked.

Enjoy the photos.

Update If you’d like to find this place, you need to search for 9/11 memorial WALK. Anything less and you will be sent to NYC.

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