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Ladies and gents, We have seen how the alleged victims were fictitious/simulated entities made up out of thin air – and entirely crafted in the digital domain with facial morphing softwares (today readily available to consumers) such as this. This discovery has led me to ask myself: so what about the US military casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan – and other war zones? Could they possibly also be – at least partly – simulated ? This will of course sound like an extreme, 0;unthinkable” supposition. We


Update 9/2019 from Simon:

Dear all, I have taken a short break from my cosmic research these last couple of days – as I realized that my original post(OP) of this important thread had been 0;sabotaged” once again: all the linked images to the MilitaryTimes war memorial had disappeared, due to their URL’s being changed (for the second time, since my OP back in March 2013). This forced me to patiently reconstruct the entire post, by recapturing these (new / currently-working) image URL’s one by one. As I did so, I also found further “problems” with that memorial website – and decided to update my OP with these new findings. I have to say, in hindsight (and with what we now know regarding the capabilities of face-morphing softwares), that my OP – that I wrote more than six years ago – still stands the test of time. I honestly think that it’s now high time to address and diffuse (over the internets) this vexing issue with renewed ardour and energy; I personally refuse to live on a planet where such blatant deception – as documented below – can endure and remain unnoticed by most people in this world for so many years.

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  1. xileffilex

    Fascinating subject, and a great opening topic by Simon [which has unsurprisingly had little take-up at CF]
    There are many stories of injuries and amputations filtering back from Afghanistan. The losses of [mainly] legs from IEDs on these “foot patrols” look quite real.
    And there’s the Invictus Games, with royal patronage, to keep the positive from these reported events in the public eye.
    Is there some kind of game going on in Afghanistan with real human guinea pigs?

    Some reports…
    April 24 2018
    25/04/2018 08:06 BST | Updated 26/04/2018 11:44 BST
    I Lost My Legs And Arm In Afghanistan And Now I Just Want To Show Life Is There For The Taking

    I became the UK’s first triple amputee from the conflict. [in 2007]…
    Who knew that losing both your legs [in 2011]] could be so much fun? Hiding in overhead lockers on planes, drinking out of his prosthetic limb, Chris Middleton manages to make it look like it was the best thing that ever happened to him…I was probably the 15th person to walk over the IED but when I stepped on it, it ignited…..“I tried to self-tourniquet but bones were hanging out of my hands. [there were others present ,the report implies]

    From 2009…
    That day, five members of 9 Platoon, C Company, 2 Rifles lost their lives. A series of Improvised Explosive Devices, or IEDs, detonated during an early morning foot patrol,near the patrol base in Wishtan, in Sangin, Helmand province.

    Since then, two more of the platoon have died.
    six part podcast on the above event starts here…

    April 18 2010
    Sergeant Brian McIntyre, 35, who defused 68 improvised explosive devices during a six month tour in southern Afghanistan, said that it would take a long time for his unit to recover from the loss of so many soldiers.

    Six members of the <>strong>Counter IED Task Force including Staff Sergeant Olaf Schmid, a George Cross winner, Warrant Officer (2nd Class) David Markland, who were both bomb disposal experts, and Sapper Guy Mellors, a Royal Engineer searcher, were killed during the tour. Several others lost limbs after being blown-up by Taliban bombs.
    During the time the Task Force was in Helmand, 2,000 Taliban bombs were discovered by British troops,

    Taliban bombs,,,,

  2. barbm124

    dear JLB, “War is hoax” does not mean there was no war. It only means, it was scripted. I tend to think, the First WW was real and got out of control due lack of proper communication ways. They only had telegraph back then, which required cables and such. TPTB stopped it then and gave it some time to develop radio and radar and such and then restarted it as the WW2. And even then they still had to keep the illusion of armies fighting the enemy. I remember WW1 veterans from my childhood. Old traumatized people still wearing their old army coats and visiting places in the forests where they had to fight some 40 years ago. Yes, I’m that old. My brothers went there too to look for old shells and weaponry parts. They found many including old bayonets. We probably still have them somewhere stacked in attics and forgotten. This battles seem to realy happen back then. The WW2 though looks much less real to me. One of my grandfathers got caught by the Russians and was brought to Siberia and had to work there until 1946 when he was released. It took him over one year to walk back home but he made it. Other than that I only know people who got conscripted and had some training but never actually fought in battles and never killed anybody. The WW1 was told to be the war to end all wars and it probably was. All wars after WW2 including the Cold War are just media productions. If you simulate a war you’ll have to need simulated casualties too. Yet still there are people involved, the most of them not even knowing what’s going on and they have real weapons to play with and sometimes people get killed or hurt. But never in war, never in battles.

    1. John le Bon

      War is a Hoax. Period.

      If you want to believe in the outlandish stories told to you by known liars then that is your business.

      No thinking person can learn about the Archduke number plate and fail to see the obvious corollaries.

      See vid related:

      Peace and good tidings.

      1. barbm124

        I agree that wars are media productions since proper media exists. I’m still convinced that in the WW1 people fought real battles believing to fight an enemy. Even though all the photographs and movies from WW1 look fake to me. TPTB scripted WW1 too but they could not control the play very well and things got out of control. IMO. I’ve seen the old WW1 trenches in the forests visiting my grandparents in my childhood and we found many shells, parts of helmets and such things there even 40 years after the war. And I remember the old weird people in long green coats always hanging around this places.

  3. John le Bon

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Ab. For all of their flaws, and they have many, the Cluesforum crew (which I suspect is comprised of two or three people, tops) occasionally put out good work, and this is a terrific example.

    Some of those photos are so clearly fake that I wonder if this is more in-joke tomfoolery from TPWRTS. Lunar-module-on-the-moon-made-with-aluminium-foil-and-curtain-rods-style buffoonery. Kudos to Simon (or whoever is behind ‘Simon’) for taking the time to compile those collages.

    Yes indeed, these ‘victims of IEDs’ are hoaxes. Because the ‘Afghanisatan War’ is a hoax. Because ‘War’ itself is in fact a HOAX and this much has been obvious to a small but growing number of us for a long time now.

    About 12 months ago myself and several Members of my site enjoyed a fantastic conversation with Dave J. The War Hoax was the main topic of discussion, and for good reason. Dave J has been exposing the War Hoax for years and years now.

    Here is a clip from that conversation:…

    Others have raised important questions, too. Take Markus Allen, for instance. Six, seven, maybe even eight years ago, on his calls with Chris Kendall, Allen asked the question: how do we know these coffins on planes draped in American flags have any bodies inside of them? Brilliant question! And of course the answer is, we don’t know that. We are expected to believe, and most people will always believe.

    One of the major things holding back the broader ‘fakeologist’ sphere / community is the recalcitrant and even juvenile attitude of certain individuals when it comes to topics like the War Hoax. These individuals will agree that nukes are a hoax, they will agree that Kim Jong Un/Il is a fictional boogeyman, they will agree that Osama bin Laden dindu nuffin, now they will even agree that the ‘victims’ of IEDs in Afghanistan are simulated, and yet they will argue for hours and hours that War is somehow ‘real’.

    These people are, at best, intellectually limited to the point where they are of no assistance to thinking people, and at worst, intentional contrarians who merely argue in order to garner attention, to keep the focus on themselves, with no true concern for objective truth whatsoever.

    This is good news for me, because as people wake up to truths like the War Hoax, and notice that this topic is still gate-kept by a small group of useful idiots at outlets like Fakeologist, the well-meaning and genuinely-curious people will make their way to my site, where no such recalcitrant and juvenile nonsense takes place.

    War is a HOAX. Period. Anybody who tells you otherwise is in fact a liar or a person who parrots lies. In either case, they will waste as much of your finite time as you allow them. Why allow them to waste your time? Do you not value your own time?

    Thanks again to Ab for bringing this CF thread to my attention. My question now is, how long until the CF crew start speaking openly about the War Hoax? Will they ever get there? Or is this as far as ‘Simon’ can go?


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