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Another (f)amber alert

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Most thinking people know there’s something wrong with this story – although most would never consider the idea the entire story is probably entirely fabricated.

The difference between this and other hoaxes is the entire province was involved – thanks to the annoying amber alert that is set to “presidential alert” – which means no one can turn it off – although most didn’t get any update that the story was over today.

Imagine a system of fear that almost every linked up person receives regardless of preference.

Police said that around 1 p.m. ET on Wednesday, detectives from the child abuse unit were able to track the car down and began surveillance at a residence in Ridgeway, Ont., near Fort Erie. where the vehicle was parked.  Officers say they located and stopped the father and a 22-year-old woman around the Crystal Beach area. Police then found the missing children in a nearby rental cottage.

Source: 5 missing children found safe, Niagara police say | CBC News

As a middle aged man, the only amusing (cheer) part of this hoaxathon to me was the old guy with 5 teenagers still had the energy to make it to his young girlfriend’s place. Suuuuure!

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Miles/Sven dive deep into Greta, CO2 crusader

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Greta is so manufactured her CO2 footprint rivals a small army. Miles group explains.

So far I’ve only relayed the mainstream facts, and I already feel like I’ve sufficiently outed her as
an actress, since no teenager rises to such meteoric fame without beaucoups of connections. But Iwill go the extra mile, just for fun. For starters:

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IPS caller fest

Tim takes many great callers, including Tim Truth @3:06:00 talking about JLB’s Cavendish.

A female caller brings up how NASA claims special filters clean the ISS air – why not sell it to climate changers?


2019-09-30 by Tim Ozman

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