Another (f)amber alert

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Most thinking people know there’s something wrong with this story – although most would never consider the idea the entire story is probably entirely fabricated.

The difference between this and other hoaxes is the entire province was involved – thanks to the annoying amber alert that is set to 0;presidential alert” – which means no one can turn it off – although most didn’t get any update that the story was over today.

Imagine a system of fear that almost every linked up person receives regardless of preference.

Police said that around 1 p.m. ET on Wednesday, detectives from the child abuse unit were able to track the car down and began surveillance at a residence in Ridgeway, Ont., near Fort Erie. where the vehicle was parked.  Officers say they located and stopped the father and a -year-old woman around the Crystal Beach area. Police then found the missing children in a nearby rental cottage.

Source: 5 missing children found safe, Niagara police say | CBC News

As a middle aged man, the only amusing (cheer) part of this hoaxathon to me was the old guy with 5 teenagers still had the energy to make it to his young girlfriend’s place. Suuuuure!

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