3 thoughts on “FAC617-War as a hoax

  1. John le Bon

    Thanks as always to Ab for facilitating this call.

    I used FAC617 as the basis for JLB Chats #13.

    I’m very confident that my apartment in Hanoi will be more suited for live-streaming than my current (and previous) abode, so in about a week I should be able to partake in some more audiochats.

    If anybody out there in Fakeologyland wants to have a mature and productive conversation with me about my views on the War Hoax, we can set something up then.

    This is a very important topic and a massive white pill, for the reasons explained in this Call.

    Cheers Ab, keep up the good work, this scene would be an even bigger shemozzle than it already is, were it not the audiochat facility you provide.

    Anybody who visits here regularly but refuses to send you the occasional thank you (either by comment, email, or paypal) is a shmuck.


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