She’s now a believer

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Weather stories have a lot in common …

H/t Topchico

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1 thought on “She’s now a believer

  1. tokarski

    Hilarious. She sounds like a roads scholar. There is some warming going on, and has been since the Little Ice Age bottomed out in the 1700s. Warming will affect cool places more than warm places, so it makes sense that Canada would be warming more than, say, Mexico.

    Most of you Canucks live close to the American border, not because you want to be close to us. We know that’s not true. It’s because northern parts of Canada are really cold. People prefer warmth over cold, as do crops.

    BTW, I would suggest that a “leaked” report was probably also manufactured to be leaked. “leaked” information is perceived to be more credible than the pronouncements of some government official. My bet … what’s the name of this website? Oh yeah … fake, fake fake.

    The climate change hoax is huge. The people behind the it are active and everywhere. They have even gone in and changed past temperatures to make it look like it was cooler than it was like say, in the 1930s, still the hottest decade on record in the lower 48. I think it was Marc Marano who suggested we should change the name of our current interglacial period from the “Holocene” to the “Adjustocene.”


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