What about all the amateur footage on 9/11

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A post highlighting the main purpose of this blog, from the September Clues Tour Guide.


Q: “What about the many private videos of the events showing the ?”

A: All the alleged “Amateur” stills and videos depicting crucial moments of the day (“planes”/“tower collapses”) are forgeries – and demonstrably so. The “9/11 plotters” manufactured a large image-pool to be attributed to private cameramen for three main purposes :

  • 1: To imprint the notion that many bystanders captured the event on film
  • 2: To supply more shocking and memorable close-up views of the event
  • 3: To outweigh the poor LIVE TV show with a great number of shots


The skeptics argue that “too many videos of the airplane were captured, therefore all cannot be fake …” Too many indeed: there are a simply ludicrous amount of “lucky” shots. In fact, the sheer amount of existing ‘airplane’ images is grossly absurd in itself: We now have more than 45 “amateur videos” (some of which were released – inexplicably – as late as June 2008!). We also have at least 10 still pictures depicting alleged “Flight 175” “in its very last second of flight”:

Source: SeptemberClues.info | The Central Role of the News Media on 9/11

911 AMATEUR 2:

911 AMATEUR 3:

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2 thoughts on “What about all the amateur footage on 9/11

  1. barbm124

    2001 there wasn’t any smartphones yet. Simple mobiles with SMS were the state of the art. Not many people carried a camcorder with them so not many were able to take records of what they saw. There wasn’t any Facebook yet too nor any Youtube. Back then people just didn’t care that much to photograph everything and post it on social media because there wasn’t any social media. People had tape recorders and analog TV-sets and preferred to record the news on tapes if anything. There also wasn’t any commercial digital photo cameras yet in 2001. Analog cameras could take up to 36 pics on film mostly using classic 50mm objectives. It was quite easy back then to avoid being photographed. I would like to know how many people took pictures back then and the films couldn’t be developed and simply turned black? But the most important thing is, back then people simple believed the news. It was 911 which initiated all the skeptical movements.

    1. ab Post author

      I had a digital camera in 1998. I was skeptical of JFK in the 80s, not sure if that’s a movement. Either way, getting great quality footage of planes hitting towers would be very difficult, even in media central NYC.

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