IPS debunks Mandela

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The Mandela effect is a , and Tim explains why.

MANDELA EFFECT DEBUNKED! The Misinformation Effect, Retroactive Interference, And Interrogator Bias

2019-10-15 by Tim Ozman

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MANDELA EFFECT DEBUNKED! The Misinformation Effect, Retroactive Interference, And Interrogator Bias

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2 thoughts on “IPS debunks Mandela

  1. barbm124

    of course it’s a psyop and one planned far in advance. I tried to debunk this Moonraker mandela and bought on ebay 3 VHS tapes and one DVD with that movie. Only one VHS tape has a copyright from 1987, all other items have a copyright from 2000 printed on the cases. All items show Dolly without braces. Yet still I’m sure, Dolly had braces originally. I watched the film on VHS back then still living in Eastern Germany supposedly around 1984-85 and Dolly definitely had braces. The tape from supposedly 1987 smells bad like cigarettes and beer and the case looks old but the tape inside was without any flaws, I still have some old VHS tapes, some of them played maybe only one or two times and the tapes are not so flawless. Every time you stop the player it causes a fold on the tape. The old Bond movies got digitazed a few years after DVD became popular. That’s when they edited the braces out. Nobody noticed because the movie is not really good and nobody paid attention to such a small detail. Not back then. All tapes on the market are probably from that time and really old ones don’t exists anymore. My “1987” tape seem to be a new tape put in an old case. No really old video-store tape can be so flawless after being watched many times. Mandela effect works with stored images or movies only. I’m looking for other mandelas prepared long time ago in advance. Other mandelas works with suggestions. For instance, did Hannibal Lecter say “Hello Clarice” in “Silence of the Lambs”? He didn’t, but he did in “Hannibal” which makes some people think he did it in the other movie too. Or did the terrorists in Back to the Future drive a white camper? No, they always had a light blue VW Bully, but Doc Brown had a white camper which makes some people think the terrorists had a white van too. Te purpose of the Mandela effect is IMO not to make you distrust your own memory but to make you distrust other peoples memories. That way history can be manipulated in any way they want it.

    1. geris

      The “dolly” Mandela effect is the one I couldn’t explain away,if your explanation is correct , someone is pulling the ultimate mindfuck .

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