Variable vicsim count

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It’s been 18 years – you’d think they’d get the vicsim count consistent by now.

A victim of the World Trade Center attacks on was newly identified, the New York City Officer of Chief Medical Examiner, announced Friday. This victim was the 1,645th to be identified, part of a continuing mission to identify all 2,753 people that were reported missing from the tragedy. The man’s identity is being withheld at the request of his family. DNA testing of remains found in 2001 were used to identify him. About 40 percent of victims from the disaster, 1,108 remain unidentified.

Source: New identification of WTC victim, 1,645th identified | 1010 WINS

Wiki says 2977

John Le Bon:

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7 thoughts on “Variable vicsim count

  1. barbm124

    if they can save the DNA code somehow in a database and occasionally found a criminal guilty or innocent just simply by query their data, how come it took so many years to identify the last vicsim and not to identify 40% of the vicsims at all? Do all this people have no relatives? Are their relatives not interested in an identification? It’s supposedly standard procedure, to get the DNA code into a database, no? Unfortunately there is no description in what format do they save the strip pattern which comes out at the end of the Gel electrophoresis. You must know, this pattern is never the same. Even two tests of the same probe never deliver the same pattern. Also 99% of human DNA is the same as the one from a Chimpanzee. How do they find the same DNA in a database then?

  2. antipodean

    It’s now 10 years since the Vicsim Report was first published. Pioneering the ‘no victims in the Towers’ meme
    Details of the Vicsim Report were first posted on the old ‘911 Movement’ forum run by Killtown and other, at the time 911 online activist luminaries.
    The Vicsim topic took over the old ‘911 movement’ forum, and shortly after for what ever reason the forum was canned.
    This was counteracted by the ‘Clues Forum’ starting up, so the topic could carry on being discussed.
    At the same time the ‘Lets Roll’ forums got on board with the same topic. With some interesting threads paricularly the Ingeborg Lariby (vicsim) thread. The company she worked for ‘Regis’, was the perfect front vehicle for companies setting up a fake presence of being a WTC 1&2 tennant.

    My main query about the Vicsim Report is would companies such as Cantor Fitzgerald, have been allocated names from the Vicsim list, or would they have formulated their own list of fake victims?

    1. barbm124

      yeah, it was a funny development, no? The forums get some celebrity status and then become dead ends. Killtown totally gone, Let’s Roll (Phil Jayhan) and Cluesforum (Simon Shack) silenced. It seems to me, they all come out of nowhere, draw some attention and then silently die into pettiness.I went through all of them. Not to mention Dave McGowan, Ace Baker and many others.

      1. Simon Shack

        Me? Silenced? Or even dead? You must be grossly misinformed, Barbie dear! Any reports of my death must have been greatly exaggerated. And the 9/11 Vicsim Report (which Hoi Polloi and yours truly patiently put together as Hoi visited me here in Italy for six months back in 2009) is very much alive and kicking ! 🙂

        1. barbm124

          well I just checked, the latest posts on Cluesforum are single ones from 18,20,21,23-th of October. This you call alive and kicking? I remember times a few years ago where I read dozens if not hundreds of posts every day all of them full of interesting discoveries. Now it sounds like a society of common adoration. Remains me of a comment from Let’s roll where one “kentrail” complains “it’s just mostly Simon talking to himself with different accounts”. Your Tycho project is flat earth to me. You’re inventing your own astronomy never using a telescope yourself. You didn’t write anything of value for years. This I call “silenced”. I didn’t claimed you’re dead.

    2. gaia

      It’s now 10 years since the Vicsim Report was first published. Pioneering the ‘no victims in the Towers’ meme

      I would not call that a “meme”, that has too little value. The Vicsim report and all the other 9/11 work was way more than to be named the same thing as a simple 2 minute image that can be passed around on Facebook like a bowl of dusty peanuts.

      In the end it does not even matter if there were victims or vicsims. It does not matter that planes did not penetrate skyscrapers. It does not matter that planes cannot fly 50 cm above a beautiful lawn in Washington D.C.

      What matters is the impact these things have. “Baby” hoax or not, if it is true in the eyes of someone else, it does not matter how untrue something really is.

      1. antipodean

        “Meme is an abbreviated form of the Greek word “mimeme,” which means “something imitated.”

        The point I was trying to make is that some of the content of the above video is work that was first presented on Clues Forum, via the Vicsim report.

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