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The ultimate in tasteless is the museum store.

On September 11, 2001, terrorists hijacked four commercial airliners filled with passengers and crew members. Two were intentionally crashed into the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center, resulting in the collapse of both buildings. In total, the 9/11 attacks killed 2,977 people.

Source: Twin Towers 3D Desk Keepsake – 9/11 Memorial Museum Store

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3 thoughts on “Take 10% off today

  1. ricky

    Thanks for the good word JLB, I was aware that Dave J was the originator of the now famous ‘nobody died, nobody got hurt” slogan but I appreciate how you’ve kept it in the forefront. It’s so provocative yet essential when trying to get across what “Fakeology” is all about. The verbal equivalent of grabbing someone by the shoulders and shaking the hell out of them, while screaming “WAKE UP YOU FOOL!!” It also speaks to the comprehensive fraud being perpetrated on the masses, as “unreal” likes to say “there is no control without total control.” So the hoaxes are completely controlled and managed, nothing left to chance, it makes total sense. Since I was born in 1953, I grew up in an era where WW2 was still fresh in peoples life experience. TV was also new and much of the programming featured WW2 movies, as a kid it made war look downright fun, an occasional American died, most just got hit in the arm, drank some whisky and dug the bullet out with with a pocket knife, they sure got to kill a lot of Germans an Japanese though. It was a surprise to me the disconnect between the movie and TV versions and what my Dad, uncles and friends fathers told me about the war. I wanted to hear how many they killed, did they get any souvenirs off their dead victims etc. None of them fired a shot at anyone else, they were all in some kind of “support” role, the scariest story was from my uncle Miles whose ship went through a typhoon and a bulldozer below deck got loose and was smashing into the hull. These are all anecdotal memories but they do support what I once thought was an outrageous claim, baring accidents, “nobody died, nobody got hurt.”

  2. ricky

    Interesting to look through all the merchandise they’re offering, it sure doesn’t look too inspired, like the creators of this junk are fully aware of the shameless grift they’re pitching. Looking back, since I’m fairly old it seems like a repeat of many former marketing offerings of historical hoaxes. Maybe the further back you go, the more people are onboard since the media was limited to “official sources.” Many years ago we went to the Pearl Harbor memorial site above a ship that was “sunk” during that “event,” lots of sailors were supposedly entombed in the sunken ship. I had no clue back then that I was being deceived and the whole “event” was some type of drill, as JLB would say, “nobody died, nobody got hurt”. You can attatch level of legality to this behavior you choose, it’s irrelevant to the question of right and wrong. “Spiritual murderer” is not a trivial concept when you reflect back on how you may have been manipulated over the years.

    1. John le Bon

      Excellent comment, ricky. Just one thing, though:

      as JLB would say, “nobody died, nobody got hurt”.

      I stole that phrase from the legendary Dave J.

      A lot of people used to attack Dave J for being too ‘extreme’, too ‘out there’.

      His rhetoric may not be to everybody’s liking but his logic is on point.

      And the implications of his War Hoax theory / work are paradigm-shifting.

      Some people wish for the war to be over.

      The truth is, the war never began. It is theatre, stagecraft, an illusion on the telescreen.


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