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FART #045 Fractious

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I appear for a bit today.

#045 26th Oct 2019 – Fractious

2019-10-26 by fartpodcast.com

Episode: mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/vktbqy…

Rollo has more stories from Thailand and sees ‘Joker’ three times, Rick’s cars are damaged by hail but it’s a godsend, Ab Irato updates us on the latest fakeology, Noiz tries discussing a new topic on the news but finds it hard to break old habits, Lawsie gets another phone call, there is an odd request in the mailbag and John Le Bon makes a special appearance to fill us in on his travels and ask about submarines. Guests: Fakeologist, John Le Bon. Panel: exoteric64, noiz_level. Host: Rollo. Producer: Velocet.

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