Even in the darkest moments

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… It’s good to be on the side of truth.

Fast forward to 29:33 for the Lance Armstrong story.

For the record, I think the testicular cancer story is fake, but required for the Phoenix story.

The Moth Radio Hour: Family, Neighbors and Extraordinary Proof

2019-10-29 by The Moth

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In this episode we travel to Chicago, the Navajo Nation in Arizona, and then end the hour on the sidelines of the Tour de France. A man struggles with his unruly neighbors, an artists shares memories of growing up on the Navajo Nation and a journalist exposes one of the greatest scandals of our time. The Moth Radio Hour is produced by The Moth and Jay Allison of Atlantic Public Media. Hosted by: Meg Bowles Storytellers: Shannon Cason, Melanie Yazzie, and David Walsh.

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9 thoughts on “Even in the darkest moments

  1. barbm124

    I’m not much into sports anymore. I liked to watch the Formula 1 races back then when Michael Schumacher was driving, but then he got so good that he had to be stopped to give others a chance and they scripted his accidents. I also liked to watch snooker back then when Stephen Hendry was winning everything and then he suddenly slowed down at the age of 30-something and slowly retired. Then there was Ronnie o’ Sullivan who still controls the game when he’s allowed to win but mostly he has to lose on purpose to put attention to some beginners. All bigger soccer games are scripted too. They created Ronaldo-superman and let him score on purpose. He’s still a good athlete and devoted actor as all the top players are. But it is not sports anymore. No sports, just game!

  2. xileffilex

    Good find, Ab.
    I get the feeling that Armstrong is a lightning conductor – take home message it’s all much better now. I don’t see why cycling at the top level is any different from other sports [as currently back in the PoM spotlight]

    Tellingly, Walsh is still embedded in the MSM, the Sunday Times no less. I wonder what he makes of the recent “crash” involving, coincidentally, FOUR TIMES Tour de France winner Chris Froome

    Note Walsh’s twitter page btw

    Interestingly, Walsh was apparently onto the case of Froome but seemed to back off, back in 2018. His articles are unfortunately behind a pay wall.
    Read the following exchanges


    Not everyone is easy about Froome’s performance and illnesses.

    Then, the 2019 “crash”, a quite unbelievable event witnessed only by presumed insiders. A professional cyclists blowing his nose and crashing. Suuuuure. And there was even video imagery showing what looks suspiciously like a rehearsal for the crash, [video]
    Froome allegedly passed a chance to ride the Giro d’Italia in favour of concentrating on the TdF. And then….
    On 12 June 2019, Froome was hospitalised with a fractured right femur, a fractured elbow, and fractured ribs, after a high-speed crash into a wall while training for the 4th stage of the Critérium du Dauphiné

    i don’t see Walsh tweeting about this most recent event.

    the first post “crash” nterview with Froome, in which he was keen to bat away all the conspiracy theories about his crash. Actually I didn’t know these were circulating at the time. But when you read them, it’s blindingly obvious that the whole thing was a staged hoax. The hospital image is straight out of the Munich air crash/Hitler July 20 plot folder of hoax management.
    The “conspiracy theory” damping down posts are the best places to get a handle on this crash nonsense:


    One of the commenters on a twitter thread suggested that the desire to keep Froome out of the action this year with these invisible,single sourced fake injuries was part of a deal to ensure more drug related impropriety didn’t emerge which is the last thing cycling wants. It seems realistic.
    I wouldn’t trust anyone in this dirty professional sport – people like Lance Armstrong are a pressure valve to make us think it’s all clean now. The doctors can be all in on it, with their ‘magic suitcases” and brown envelopes.

    All very amusing though. But it seems like the “conspiracy theorists” hit a raw nerve which the cycling authorities wanted to meet head on. There’s a lot of money involved at this level, and they don’t want any more drug related problems, perhaps there was someone willing to blow the whistle in the medical field? Otherwise it would be all “in house”, no need for a “crash” to be staged.

    And guess what – Froome’s recovery after this “horrific crash” is well ahead of schedule and he’ll be back soon….but, to prop up the hoax, will require “another surgery” soon…
    October 30 2019
    “I had some pretty horrific injuries and I’ve still got to have another surgery,” Froome told Eurosport. “I’ve got to remove the metalwork in my hip and my elbow. It’s gone extremely well but I’ve got a long way to go and I’ve got a lot of work to do.”

    Froome, 34, has defied expectations in his recovery from what he described as a “horror crash” in June while inspecting a routeahead of a time trial stage at the Critérium du Dauphiné. A high-speed impact left him with a litany of injuries, including broken bones in his hip, elbow, leg and ribs. Despite rumors that the injuries were so bad that it would end his career, Froome was back on the bike earlier than expected, riding with teammate Wout Poels *** in southern France earlier this month.

    We know all about “surgeries” following all staged media events involving reported injuries.

    *** yes, the same team member who was riding with Froomey when the latter “crashed”.

    Walsh’s check-in following the “crash” [paywall]
    june 16 2019, 12:01am, the sunday times
    Rivals scent blood after Chris Froome withdrawal
    david walsh, chief sports writer
    Hmmmm He’s not going to question the black-box “crash” is he?

    Original report of the “crash” June 2019

    Random tweet from an obvious Froome sceptic –

    Chris Froome’s Inhaler@cyclinghunter
    26 May 2019
    Replying to @ST_Sport and @DavidWalshST
    @DavidWalshST lost any credibility when he started being Froome’s fan boy! No questions asked when it comes to him..

    Team boss Dave Brailsford looking relaxed as he tells the media about the “crash”

    Finally, a piece of gatekeeping. straight after the “crash”.

    Froome reciting the extremely detailed official “freak accident” narrative: Believe it if you want.

    1. ab Post author

      All stories need drama and tension. Sports is no different, competing in the infinite channel universe.
      Even the World (baseball) Series is losing record numbers of followers. What are they to do? They need villains and heroes, blood and guts to even get noticed. Perhaps they’ll have a patreon soon!

        1. Unreal

          Froome is a very good paralell to Armstrong as it is a media-hoax currently still unfolding. Good thing Team Sky now has changed their name (Ineos).

          Team Sky doctor Richard Freeman is accused of possessing 30 sachets of Testogel (in 2011).

          Will Team Sky’s doctor be known as Rich, Free Man after the trial ?

    2. xileffilex

      Froome update

      Chris Froome went to Japan to race but instead only rode the team time trial instead of the criterium. The elbow suuuuuure looks odd [photo]
      October 28 2019
      Just to recap…four and a half months ago…

      Frome “broke his right femur and elbow, along with [neck] vertebrae and his sternum.
      He still has a plate in his hip – to be removed in early November – and bolts above his knee but has been able to ride a bike for a few weeks, albeit at low intensity.”

      Will Froome win the 2020 Tour de France? It looks like its been scripted thus.

      In “hospital”, back in June, spot the elbow

      and from his own twitter feed, with absence of neck bracing/dressings but showing the elbow, only three days after the “crash”

  3. Unreal

    In France during the cycling race, most people did suspect US Postal to use illegal substances – so the apparent “original” thought that Armstrong was using doping was not original at all but commonplace.

    What is rather peculiar in the narration is the bicycle death of this “investigative” journalist son – that really sounds off. Far too convenient for this cycling drama.

    The kicker in the story clearly will amuse those Fakeologists who consider celebrity illness as suspect* and Lance Armstrong’s testicular (left side) cancer as conjecture: The main source of the “conclusive” testimony for the journalist came from Frankie & Betsy Andreu who got confirmation of Lance using doping while visiting Armstrong during his cancer illness ! lol

    Most will know by now that there is no such thing as independent investigative reporters that work for MSM outlets, and whenever “deep research” is foreshadowed, we might more expect a double decker of lies – here in form of a planned revelation of professional cycling intrigue around illegal drugs, and a trial to boot.

    * Medical Celebrity Program

    1. ab Post author

      The child getting killed on a bike and then Lance mocking the father’s favorite son are emotional and incredible story devices that are likely fabrications.

    2. xileffilex

      Some wonderful staged imagery in this recent investigation of the famous “death” of Tommy Simpson on Mont Ventoux in 1967
      Check the exaggerated zig-zag progress up the mountain….

      Air ambulance – check!
      Memorial- check!

      The script unfolded
      At the start line in Marseille, a journalist noticed Simpson looked tired and asked him if the heat was a problem.

      “No, it’s not the heat, it’s the Tour, ” was his reply.

      As the race reached the lower slopes, Simpson was seen taking a number of pills with brandy and by the time he had climbed towards the summit, he was zig-zagging across the road.

      He fell but was able to get back on but after riding a short distance further, collapsed.
      suuuure source – 50th anniversary recap

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