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FAC634-Ab, Geris, Rollo

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We talk about the latest on, Rollo on his upcoming trip to Colombia with Geris, The Joker, and other concepts around fakeology.

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The power of effective propaganda is real

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Psychic driving of propaganda is real mind control. It is MK Ultra without the chemicals and props.

Children (I have some) do speak like this. It’s frightening how frightened they are.

It’s difficult to counteract and oppose. Logic, reason, real science has no effect.

We know from 9/11 research that an entire population can be fooled, dissenters cast out and sent to the dark web (is this where you are now?)

If only fakeologists had the keys to the media (mainly endless money) to send a message.

Long before Delenn Kershaw ever heard the term eco-anxiety — feeling overwhelmed by the existential challenge of climate change — the 19-year-old Scarborough teen said she experienced it.

“I had no idea about it, but I felt it, I very much felt it,” Kershaw told CBC News on Friday.…

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Toronto shit spreader

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Update 12/4: Shit story gets delayed again for phony reason. Reason: keep story in news making it impossible to follow in person at court, if you were so foolish to try and attend.

Another likely phony story that is hidden under a publication ban (no reason given).

Apparently all our controversial cases belong in a private court.

What about “all those witnesses” that crowded into the courtroom? My guess if you went down there is you’d be told that there was no more room to get in (to an empty room).

This story has served the pun industry well, so I’ll refrain from adding to the pile.

Outside court, Opoku’s lawyer Jordan Weisz noted there was little he could share due to a publication ban protecting information presented during a bail hearing, but said he understands the degree of interest in the case.…

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Why is Trump dropping a 33?

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Trump is either a godsend or an disaster for conspiracy fake news minded people, depending on how you spin it.

Why he drops a non sequiter, random 33 (hoax code) here is bizarre.

Time stamp is 10:30.

[No Agenda] 1194: “Mint19” #noAgenda… via @PodcastAddict

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7 and a plane crash

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A few #HRDPAR events in Ontario this week.This one looks like one of them.Xilffelix can add it to the archives.

Seven people, including three children, have been identified as the victims of a plane crash in northwest Kingston on Wednesday evening that is now being investigated by the Transportation Safety Board…Basti said they are reaching out to Oblokulov’s family, and they have spoken to his brother. The families were scheduled to spend time in Kingston with Basti’s family before heading on to Quebec City.“They were going to Quebec City for vacation, because of the holiday, American Thanksgiving,” Basti said. “We were waiting for their call when they landed. We waited a long time, so I searched on Google and this showed up.”

Source: Seven killed in Kingston plane crash, investigation ongoing | Ottawa CitizenGoing from Toronto to Kingston to Quebec City – on American Thanksgiving? I’ve heard of scattered relatives, but this one makes no sense. I think this story was written, as usual, out of the country.A signature hoax photo of the vicsim and Niagara Falls. Link

(above is a screenshot. Our national taxpayer funded propaganda outlet locks their photos now, so. I can’t easily upload them.)

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Intelligence agencies create these stories

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Intelligence agencies or the military, two institutions that remain between different administrations, are the bodies that likely create these stories.

Most are probably contracted out to private contractors or their foreign counterparts.

Canada’s national intelligence agency took an interest in the Danforth shooting for at least six months after the tragic event unfolded, new “top secret” documents obtained by the Toronto Sun confirm for the first time.…

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Sacha Baron Censorship

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A modern call for a communist manifesto crackdown on the haters.

I avoided watching this agent provocateur unfunny troll, but too many family normies sent it to me.

I like IPS’ take.

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Hate Crime Hoax | Glenn Loury & Wilfred Reilly

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Always interesting when hoax research goes mainstream.

Do people even want to hear this research, even when it comes from academia?

Good chat between to woke black academics.


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Coded vegan story

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Not sure why exactly raw fruits and vegetables and bresst milk would lead to malnutrition, but his story has some hoax code numerology.

Problem is we have a video arraignment.

Could this one be real?

Old lady Leary kept a lantern in her bed…

The toddler who died Sept. 27 in the care of his parents, Ryan and Sheila O’Leary, weighed 17 pounds, police reports indicate. His diet was supplemented with breast milk.…

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