5 thoughts on “FAC626-FRACnFart

  1. Rollo

    Please don’t despare Felix, Thanks for listening, Please come join us on the F.A.R.T.podcast one day and put our ignorant asses right champ :), one of my favourite sayings is “Facts don’t care about Feelings”…..cheers Rollo

  2. gaia

    Rick, I have to ask you this; are you jewish?

    The way you backstabbed QbanDahli publicly on air, only because her views are different, was a TYPICAL jewism trick. After everything positive you have said about her, kicking her down as if she were a sick dog. I was appalled by it.

    I have no problems with jews, I do have with jewism; the false idea that jews are somehow special and deserve some kind of special protection. And that jews are allowed to perform tricks they forbid their opponents.

    Jews are not special, there is no reason to discriminate; a filthy jew is a filthy jew, no need to invent euphemisms for that, just because he believes he is part of a “chosenite” tribe. You (still) have that programming inside of you. Just like Cuck Tokarski, who claimed publicly that “jews were his favorite race”. And deletes anything that questions that, including a request to Cuck Rossaert who keeps pushing the (jewism) mantra that “jews are the viiihicctiiiims”. Rrrright, I know firsthand how much bullshit that is. It is a jewism strategy.

    Also how you push this Jill Dando case “definitely real”, “she was killed for sure”, is this a deliberate (((agenda))) or merely lack of research? The latter is known with you, the first would surprise me, but I never stop learning…

  3. xileffilex

    I’ve got to 21:40 and now learn that the “killing” of Jill Dando, one of the biggest made for TV hoaxes in the UK, was real. Have we learnt nothing here? I despair.

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