Gorby LARPing to the very end

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As a long time media consumer, it’s fun to catch up with these past prominent players years later.

Gorby is still pushing the nuke hoax. He’s very convincing, you wonder if he really believes it or has convinced himself that nukes are real.

Either way, the Soviet missiles on parade look like giant toys, which I believe they actually are.

As a fakeologist, it’s a relief to know that nukes are a fantastic psychological weapon that actually maintain peace by creating a fear of an ultimate demise by a magical weapon, as opposed to anything that can really destroy every last (fake) atom on earth.

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3 thoughts on “Gorby LARPing to the very end

  1. barbm124

    of course Gorby knows better that that. He is obedient and plays his role as good as he can. From time to time they all do. Al Gore will also occasionally recite his global warming mantra even if we freeze ourselves to death, Bill Gates will sell vaccines to the third world even if nobody will live there anymore. It is meant to stir up and annoys us. Obama was allowed to “kill” Osama and got the Nobel prize instead of an Oscar, Trump has to play the dumbest POTUS of all times. Little Putin is getting old and instead of riding half naked a horse he plays the Russian Don now. That’s how History is being scripted.

  2. ricky

    That’s one of the many “million dollar questions” we face. Who, and at what level are the visible players in on the hoax. I suspect all are, Paul Craig Roberts is a great example, I was so convinced he was legit, there’s many others, Dmitry Orlov for example, I sent money to their sites, I feel like a fool now. Better late than never.

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